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The easiest way to build
a culture of feedback

Send a pulse and collect feedback with ease using EngageWith
first point

Send a pulse

Send personalized or group pulse for your team to involve, respond, and let their opinion known.

second point

Collect feedback

Get deeper insights on what they think and identify areas for improvement.

third point

Make better decisions

Take action on the feedback provided and build trust with your team.

Why teams love pulse?

work where work happens

Works where work happens

EngageWith works where your team does, i.e. Slack and MS Teams. So get to know your team better without switching apps.

EngageWith works where your team works
With EngageWith get more responses to your pulse surveys with no followups
get 10x more responses

Get 10x more responses, without any followups

Wave good-bye to traditional surveys. EngageWith works seamlessly inside Slack and Teams, which means participation is instant, effortless, and engaging.

How engaging? Simply send a DM and encourage replies.

anonymous response

Inspire involvement with incognito responses

Want honest answers to critical, but sensitive questions? Make survey responses anonymous and empower transparency.

How Cowrywise is using Pulse Surveys to build its dream culture?

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Get incognito responses to your pulse surveys with EngageWith
Know your team better with our pulse surveys
prebuilt templates

Not sure where to begin?

EngageWith’s 50+ pre-built templates give you a head-start in knowing your team better.

Explore more templates
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Resources to nail your Pulse Surveys

setup remote employee

Set up Remote Employee Pulse Surveys

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pulse to employees

Your Pulse to Employees’

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Effectively Communicate Employee Pulse Survey Results

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What our customers are saying

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EngageWith has transformed the way we reward and recognize people inside my company. It has helped us connect better as a team and celebrate wins together. Overall: Ease of use - 9/10, customer support - 10/10, and impact on our team engagement - immeasurable.


Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, SETU

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When an employee says - ‘Hey, I got this coffee mug using my EngageWith points’ - it certainly creates a ripple effect by motivating others to give their best. This not only gets the best out of people, but also builds a great culture of recognition in the process.

Himanshi Khandelwal

Himanshi Khandelwal

Head of People,

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EngageWith is our one-stop solution to build the culture we always dreamt of at Cowrywise. And most importantly, it creates an instant impact - something no other app was able to achieve.


Razaq Ahmed


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EngageWith is a smack of all-things people inside Outplay. A must-have app for companies trying to build their DREAM culture.

Bhavya Arora

Bhavya Arora

People and Culture,

Pulse Survey FAQs

How often are Pulse Surveys conducted?
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Pulse Surveys can be conducted weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed. The frequency depends on the organization's goals and needs.
What does employee pulse survey measure?
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The Employee Pulse Survey measures employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and well-being in the workplace. This provides regular feedback over various aspects of the work environment such as job satisfaction, workload, morale, communication, and other relevant factors.
What questions are asked in a pulse survey?
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The common questions asked in a pulse survey are: Workload, Morale, Communication, Company Culture, Employee Well-Being, any other factors that are relevant to employee engagement and satisfaction. The specific questions used in a pulse survey will depend on the goals and needs of the organization.
What is the purpose of an Employee Retention Pulse Survey?
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The purpose of an Employee Retention Pulse Survey is to assess employees' level of satisfaction and engagement, and identify any factors that may be contributing to high turnover rates or employee dissatisfaction.
What are some potential challenges of implementing pulse surveys?
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Pulse surveys may face challenges such as survey fatigue, data overload, respondent bias, lack of action on feedback, and resource constraints. These challenges can be addressed by designing surveys with clear objectives, limiting their frequency, and dedicating resources to analyzing and acting on feedback.

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Stay connected with your team

Stay connected with your team