How Scalex built an employee-centric culture with EngageWith


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100+Performance Marketing
  • Creating strong employee engagement within Slack
  • Building a culture of instant and cross-team recognition 
  • Fostering cross-team collaboration
  • Breaking workspace silos

Scalex, a burgeoning performance marketing agency, embarked on a journey two years ago, focusing on aiding coaches, consultants, trainers, and tech brands in amplifying their digital presence. Scalex specializes in full-funnel marketing strategies, from ad creation to managing end-to-end performance marketing efforts across various platforms. With an impressive growth trajectory, Scalex expanded its team from 15 to 90 employees in just over a year, all while operating remotely. 

Prioritizing employee engagement and experience

Scalex is a fully remote company and as it rapidly scaled, it faced significant challenges in maintaining and enhancing employee engagement. The transition from a small to a larger team diluted the frequency and quality of interactions among team members, leading to decreased overall engagement. Prior attempts to foster connection through bi-weekly non-work-related group calls had limited impact. Although the engagement activities over Zoom calls garnered decent participation, Scalex felt the need for a structured engagement strategy.

Building a culture of recognition with EngageWith

The search for an effective engagement solution led Scalex to EngageWith. The team was looking for a rewards and recognition platform for Slack. Scalex chose EngageWith for:

Fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation: EngageWith stood out for its core promise to foster a workplace environment where recognition and appreciation are not just periodic gestures but integral parts of daily work life.

Seamless integration: EngageWith’s ability to integrate smoothly with Slack facilitated its adoption and maximized its impact without disrupting existing workflows.

Intuitive user experience: EngageWith is designed for simplicity and ease of use, enabling employees to quickly adapt to and engage with the platform for giving kudos, celebrating milestones, and expressing gratitude.

Recognition and rewards system: By providing a structured way to recognize and reward employees’ contributions, EngageWith revitalized Scalex’s approach to employee engagement, making it more consistent and impactful.

Results with EngageWith

EngageWith revolutionized how Scalex approached employee engagement and recognition. The implementation of EngageWith led to:

Increased employee engagement: The introduction of a structured recognition program via EngageWith saw heightened participation and enthusiasm among employees. Scalex achieved an employee engagement rate of 78%. Daily posts in the gratitude channel and the automation of birthday and anniversary reminders contributed to a more vibrant and connected workplace culture.

Positive feedback: Employees openly expressed their appreciation for EngageWith, highlighting it as an innovative and valuable addition to their work environment during the company’s offsite.

Streamlined processes: By automating previously manual tasks related to rewards and recognitions, EngageWith significantly reduced the administrative burden on the team, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Cultural reinforcement: EngageWith not only facilitated recognition but also helped reinforce Scalex’s core values, further embedding them into the company’s culture.

Scalex’s experience underscores the transformative potential of EngageWith in enhancing employee engagement, fostering a culture of recognition, and streamlining administrative processes. The platform’s ease of use, combined with exceptional customer support, positions it as a benchmark tool for remote and growing companies looking to nurture a positive and productive work environment.

Want to build a culture of instant recognition?

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