How Mad Street Den fostered a culture of employee recognition with EngageWith

Company SizeIndustryMad Street Den’s Goals
300+Software Development
  • Enabling immediate peer-to-peer recognition
  • Encouraging cross-team collaboration
  • Advocating the company’s core values
  • Cultivating a culture of acknowledgement

Mad Street Den® is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Company building the AI architecture of the future. Founded in 2016, the company’s mission is to build models of generalizable intelligence on scale, that can be deployed through meaningful applications across industries to billions of people across the globe.


The Journey to a Recognition-Rich Culture

Mad Street Den, with its groundbreaking AI products like,, and INTURN, has always been a step ahead in valuing its most crucial asset – its workforce. 

With over 300 employees spread across geos, the company sought an intuitive, efficient rewards and recognition platform that could seamlessly integrate with their workplace tool, Slack.

“We’re thrilled with EngageWith and the power of immediate recognition. It’s heartening to see our team appreciating each other through Kudos and Shoutouts. The recognition serves as a reminder that your hard work is noticed and valued. It not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to a vibrant culture,” says Sherine Deborah, Associate Director – People Operations & Employee Experience.

Rollout and Adoption

The Mad Street Den team decided to go ahead with EngageWith after evaluating a few platforms. EngageWith was rolled out within the organization in March 2023 and the team were impressed with the ease of use and adoption.

In the months since its launch, Mad Street Den employees have recognized each other more than 2,500+ times, putting their company values front and centre. 

Leveraging EngageWith Analytics for Enhanced Engagement

Within a few months of implementation, Mad Street Den achieved an impressive employee engagement rate of 84%. The intuitive dashboard of EngageWith provided the team with insights into organization-wide and department-specific recognition and engagement patterns, enabling them to refine their people strategies further.

Want to build a culture of instant recognition?

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