Celebrate great work as it happens

Reward and recognize your coworkers by celebrating wins big or small right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

How much does your team appreciation cost?


Engagewith saves per year




A little appreciation can indeed go a long way


Employees believe in instant recognition


Increase in productivity


Reduction in employee turnover


Team morale

Because a happy team means a motivated workplace

You don’t have to be an HR to appreciate your people. We built EngageWith to make recognition and appreciation, a part of your organization’s daily culture.

Peer-to-peer Appreciation

See someone doing an awesome job? Kick start the karma of recognition by giving a Kudos or Shoutout. Remember ‘Karma is a boomerang’.

Social Recognition

Scale-up the power of Thank you by sharing gratitude publicly. Anyone can appreciate anyone - from direct reports to managers and C-level executives.

Customizable Rewards

One size never fits all. Tailor rewards based on individual preferences.

Dynamic Leaderboards

Rank individuals based on appreciation sent & received. Keep your team's engagements ticking and motivations lively.

Happens where work happens

No need to jump onto another platform to say Thanks. Everything happens right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We believe people come first

Goodbye excuses.
Hello Birthday Bots!

Get notified on your peer’s special day. Nothing annoying, just a gentle reminder so you can ensure they get a proper b-day bash.

Celebrate Work

Honor milestones and celebrate loyalty. Reward co-workers with a memorable Work Anniversary.

Incentivize Recognition
on preferred platforms

Recognition can lift culture. But giving the employees a chance to redeem points where they want? That’s a game-changer!

Easy redeemable options

under armour
bath and body works
old navy
dunkin donuts

Build a culture of recognition to…

Attract Talent

Build a workplace where A-Players aspire to work

Align Teams

Get your entire workforce in the right direction

Drive Engagement

Make your people feel pumped about their job

Spot Recognition

Celebrate moments by recognizing on the spot

Increase Productivity

Help your people deliver amazing results via timely appreciation

Increase Retention

Hold on tight to your best performers

Promote Company Values

Make company core values a part of all recognitions

Foster a Committed Workforce

Build a sense of responsibility and dedication

Build a culture that lasts forever.
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