“EngageWith helps us foster a culture that aligns with our company values” – How a cryptocurrency firm builds a people-first culture inside Slack



Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform. Its core component is to enable blockchain networks to connect and grow Ethereum-compatible projects. With Polygon, new features are built around the existing technology to expand the ability to cater to the diverse needs of the ecosystem.



Blockchain, Web 3.0


Company size:




Singapore and UAE




  1. Build a culture of recognition 

  2. Foster cross-team collaboration 

  3. Improve employee engagement 

How EngageWith helped Polygon - Impact Summary

EngageWith at Polygon – the success story

We got on a call with Ankita Kumari, HR Manager at Polygon, to help us get deeper insights into building a people-centric culture using EngageWith. And here’s the gist of our Q&A: 


“Giving Kudos to celebrate wins has never been this easy. That too right inside Slack.”


When it comes to building a great employee-centric culture a rewards and recognition program lies at the core of it.


Ankita said, “At Polygon, Slack is where all our daily work happens. And EngageWith’s seamless integration inside Slack has completely changed how our employees recognise each other. So small wins don’t go unnoticed as they’re recognised, then and there, without delay.” 


Employees can send Kudos to express their gratitude, for wins big or small. It can be your colleague who has been an awesome onboarding buddy or someone who helped you resolve an annoying bug.


“This way, I am happy that even a small contribution doesn’t go unnoticed, helping us reinforce company culture and strengthen the internal brand.” 


“Linking company values to recognitions helps employees drive towards a common goal.”


Company values are a set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help a group of people work together towards a common goal. EngageWith allows you to create and link your company values to recognitions that go out. 


Ankita revealed, “Having clearly defined company values help us ensure all our employees are working towards a common goal.”


“This way, other employees come to know the exact reason they are appreciated for, along with the company value showcased.”


Yes, because your company values reflect what you and your employees stand for, they give them a sense of responsibility. Every decision your employees make should align with the company values you’ve outlined.


“Thanks to EngageWith, we no longer miss our peer’s birthdays or work anniversaries.”


Birthdays and Work Anniversaries are special occasions, and employees expect to get treated the best way on such days. 


“Earlier, we used to rely a lot on Google Calendar reminders. But unfortunately, we’d often miss out on wishing them on their special day. Even worse, we’d come to know about it two or three days later,” Ankita added. 


“But now, EngageWith posts a warm message by ‘@’ mentioning the person celebrating their special day. As a result, employees feel more appreciated, valued, and motivated giving them a sense of genuine inclusiveness.” 


“As an HR I love the direction we are heading towards,” revealed Ankita proudly.  


“Pulse Surveys have been instrumental in understanding our employees better than ever.”


Employers assume things are going well until they pause and ask for feedback. 


Ankita added, “Pulse Surveys help me understand employee needs, their state of mind, and most importantly what they think about the company. This helps us address issues or concerns before it’s too late.” 


“EngageWith’s UI is simple. They also have a set of pre-built templates from which we can choose and send a survey in no time.“


“From employees’ perspective – they can respond to a Pulse in seconds and get back to what they were doing. All without any follow-ups whatsoever. So on one side, we get to know what employees think, while on the other, we can identify areas of improvement.”  


EngageWith quickly provides insights into the possible action points for people managers to work on in NO time. 


“It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. Thanks to Pulse Survey for making this happen,” said Ankita.  


“When I came to know that my queries are answered by Kartik, EngageWith’s CEO, I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed. That’s how good their customer support is.”


We strongly believe in helping our users get the maximum out of their products. 


Ankita excitedly revealed, “We have a shared Slack connect channel with Team EngageWith. So all I’ve to do is simply post my query. In less than 15 minutes, it gets answered and sorted.” 


“I got my queries cleared from Kartik. But guess what? I was pleasantly taken by surprise when I learned he was the CEO. So glad that I am guided by one of the best hands.”  


“Plus, their team also helps us with many culture-building ideas that are practical and applicable. This is surely more than just customer support.” 

Our take 🥰

While Polygon was trying to tackle the continuously evolving employee landscape – EngageWith came in at the right time to help them in their vision towards building their dream culture. 😇

But the key takeaway is – you too can build one too.

Just drop a comment below or simply schedule a demo >>here<<. 

Our team will get in touch with you soon. 

And hey, thank you for reading! 

Team EngageWith. 

Love to build your dream company culture using EngageWith?

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