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Determine and improve your employee experience

We’ve helped 100+ organizations improve their overall employee engagement level in under 3 months. Here’s how:

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Trust earned through complete transparency

Gain your employees’ trust by taking live-action and being completely transparent by sharing eNPS survey results.

Taking action on areas that need improvement will lead to better engagement and retention.

Improve your employee engagement ratio using EngageWith's eNPS Pulse
Create a culture of recognition using EngageWith's eNPS Pulse Survey

Track progress. Identify issues. Improve continuously.

Identify your Detractors/Passives based on their scores and show them you care for their betterment too. Address issues, bring needful changes and help them become Promoters.

Increased enps

Increased eNPS, Improved Employee Experience.

eNPS isn’t just a metric that has a singular goal. eNPS holds the key to unlocking a better organizational culture

Good eNPS → Better employee experience → Great company culture

Increased eNPS results in Increased productivity
Notice Continuous improvement in Employee Engagement with our eNPS Pulse

Continuous improvement through feedback

People leaders are always looking for ways to improve engagement and morale amongst employees. Running a quick eNPS survey will help you get detailed insights to convert detractors → promoters.

Three simple steps to get started

first point

Set up within 30 seconds

Craft your survey or use one of our standard templates seamlessly without hassle

second point

Gather feedback by EOD

View feedback shared by your team under “Feedback Box.”

third point

Take action with anonymity

Answer queries requested by your teammates effortlessly. Continue conversations and close the feedback loop.

Set up in 5 minutes. Take action by EOD effortlessly.

Listen, analyze and improve simultaneously by running an eNPS survey

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Work on employee feedback

Run a quick eNPS survey to discover employee pain points from the results. Take instant action to make employee attrition evitable.

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Get data-driven insights

Pulse allows you to analyze the results of an eNPS survey with insights about your employees. Create action plans and stay ahead of the curve to avoid poor performance and bad company culture

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Improve employee experience

Continuous action on employee feedback will only lead to better employee experience. Pulse helps you conduct surveys and make informed decisions leading to an increased eNPS.

What our customers are saying

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EngageWith has transformed the way we reward and recognize people inside my company. It has helped us connect better as a team and celebrate wins together. Overall: Ease of use - 9/10, customer support - 10/10, and impact on our team engagement - immeasurable.


Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, SETU

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When an employee says - ‘Hey, I got this coffee mug using my EngageWith points’ - it certainly creates a ripple effect by motivating others to give their best. This not only gets the best out of people, but also builds a great culture of recognition in the process.

Himanshi Khandelwal

Himanshi Khandelwal

Head of People,

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EngageWith is our one-stop solution to build the culture we always dreamt of at Cowrywise. And most importantly, it creates an instant impact - something no other app was able to achieve.


Razaq Ahmed


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EngageWith is a smack of all-things people inside Outplay. A must-have app for companies trying to build their DREAM culture.

Bhavya Arora

Bhavya Arora

People and Culture,


How can I improve my eNPS score?
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eNPS can be improved by solving the concerns and needs of employees, improving employee satisfaction, providing regular feedback, and creating a positive work environment.

Here are few tips to improve eNPS score:

1. Survey Your Employees
2. Take action on feedback
3. Continuously Track Your Score
4. Giving opportunities for employees to give input
What is a good & bad eNPS score?
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Any organization's eNPS score will be in between -100 to +100. But according to different stats the score anything between +10 to +30 is considered a good score.
How do you calculate employee Net Promoter Score?
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employee Net Promoter Score is calculated by asking employees to rate their likelihood of recommending the company as an employer. The eNPS can be calculated with below formula:

The percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters:

eNPS = % of promoters – % of detractors
Who should participate in eNPS surveys?
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All employees should participate in eNPS surveys to gather feedback on their level of satisfaction and engagement with the company. This includes full-time, part-time, temporary employees and those working in different departments and levels.
How can eNPS be used in conjunction with other employee feedback?
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eNPS can be used in conjunction with other forms of employee feedback, such as exit interviews and performance evaluations, to get a more complete picture of employee satisfaction.

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EngageWith's eNPS Pulse Builds a culture of transparency & trust for better employee experience

Make long-lasting changes in your company with an eNPS Pulse