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Trusted by Top Brands
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No more excuses or belated wishes

celebrate together

Be notified of Birthdays and Work Anniversaries.

Nothing annoying, just a reminder in the channel of your choice to make the day memorable.

Birthdays and work anniversaries notifications inside Slack and MS teams
Wish your teammates on time

Celebrate together

Tag people with @ mentions. Encourage your team to join the celebration and make everyone feel unique.

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Set the party parrots ON wherever you are

EngageWith will post a congratulation message in the channel along with a fun GIF. So it's easy for the team to join the celebration and make everyone feel special.

Celebrate work anniversary on Slack / Teams | EngageWith

Why do teams love it?

Birthday's, Anniversaries - Cake
Easy import of birthdays and anniversaries

Already know everyone's birthdays and hire dates? Great news - just use a few quick steps to import the dates, and EngageWith is all set to start the celebrations!

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Customisable notifications the way you want

Avoid last-minute hassles. Get notified when you want to - on that day or even a week ahead. Because we understand early notifications can help you prepare celebrations in advance.

Reward them with points.
Redeem them in style.

Make their special day even special by rewarding them with points. Plus, EngageWith is integrated with top platforms like Amazon, Nike, McDonald’s, Uber, where you can redeem your points and get what you want.

What our customers are saying

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EngageWith has transformed the way we reward and recognize people inside my company. It has helped us connect better as a team and celebrate wins together. Overall: Ease of use - 9/10, customer support - 10/10, and impact on our team engagement - immeasurable.


Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, SETU

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When an employee says - ‘Hey, I got this coffee mug using my EngageWith points’ - it certainly creates a ripple effect by motivating others to give their best. This not only gets the best out of people, but also builds a great culture of recognition in the process.

Himanshi Khandelwal

Himanshi Khandelwal

Head of People,

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EngageWith is our one-stop solution to build the culture we always dreamt of at Cowrywise. And most importantly, it creates an instant impact - something no other app was able to achieve.


Razaq Ahmed


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EngageWith is a smack of all-things people inside Outplay. A must-have app for companies trying to build their DREAM culture.

Bhavya Arora

Bhavya Arora

People and Culture,


How do you reward an employee anniversary?
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Employees get Engaged when making employees anniversary day even special by recognizing with rewards and custom awards. Check-out the EngageWith for custom awards.
Can you celebrate employee birthdays virtually?
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Yes, celebrating employee birthdays virtually are common now. May be it’s not same as cutting birthday cake around with our colleagues, but still there are plenty ways to make virtual birthday celebrations more memorable and fun. Example: Create a virtual birthday party over Zoom video call, Zoom fun games, decorated virtual backgrounds, E-gift cards, and more.
List of employee milestones to celebrate
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The milestones are the mixture of Individual & team-related accomplishments, here a some best employee milestones to celebrate:

1. Birthdays
2. Anniversary of each team member
3. Special occasions - Like weddings, buying a house, birth of babies & more.
4. Employee Promotions
How do you celebrate team success remotely?
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There are a different ways to boost employee morale and help them to celebrate team success remotely. Here are few ways to celebrate wins with your remote team.

1. Sending your Best employee an award
2. Team retreat
3. Buy everyone lunch
4. Recognize the win
5. Reward Employees With Digital Gift Cards
How celebrating workplace milestones improves employee engagement?
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By celebrating workplace milestones can help the team to feel happy for the contributions towards their work. This drives team member engagement, a strong sense of purpose, and helps every employee to achieve their goals.

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Stay connected with your team

Stay connected with your team