Onboarding an employee accurately puts them on the path to a successful career and the organization at large

Turn your company into THE best place to work 🎉
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Connect your new hires to their manager and buddies

Meeting people in a new organization makes most people anxious but New Hire Onboarding bridges the gap between new employees and the new people they meet at the new place.

A delightful onboarding experience is directly linked to Employee Retention

New hires often feel lost and helpless in the absence of the HR or a buddy to help them through their initial days. This can be avoided through consistent messages, checkins, access to resources and so on.

New Hire Onboarding handholds a new employee at all times until they’re well adapted to your organization.

Investing in your people = Investing in your business
Turn your company into THE best place to work 🎉
celebrate together

Taking into account all participants of the Employee Onboarding experience

Checkins and feedback are important. This includes feedback on the employee from their manager and feedback from the new hires to know how comfortable they feel in their new role with their new team.

Schedule pulse checkins and task reminders at predefined dates to achieve this through automation.

Make employee onboarding a holistic and delightful experience


Create custom journeys for specific roles, levels or departments. Standardize the onboarding process throughout the organization.

Customized Messages

First impressions matter, so welcome your new hires with warm, meaningful and customized messages to make them feel at ease.

Tasks and To-do’s

Create a to-do list of tasks/deliverables with timelines and streamline the onboarding with clear goals for managers, new hires, buddies and other involved participants in the process.


Use auto-reminders to remind new hires about tasks and timelines. But also use them to remind buddies and managers to welcome their teammate, connect with them or checkin on them.

New Employee and Manager Checkins

Onboarding lasts about 3 months. Hence it's good to have checkins asking for feedback from managers on employee performance. And employees' feedback on the onboarding process, the role, and their bonding with their team.

Getting started couldn’t get any easier than this

Install EngageWith

EngageWith is purpose-built for Slack and Microsoft Teams. So it takes just a few mins to install EngageWith into your workspace.

Set up the journey

Add your employee, buddy info, manager info, pulse checkins, reminders, and task details through the dashboard. Streamline your onboarding through checklists, customizable messages, reminders, and more.

Launch it

Onboarding will now happen seamlessly with or without your presence. Let New Hire Onboarding take care of it for you.

Manage & Track Performance

Get updates on the progress of tasks assigned, send reminders, assign new tasks, all in a minute through the dashboard.

Investing in your people = Investing in your business

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