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10X Bonding
Feedback strengthens the relationship between employees and managers.
Of highly engaged employees are looking to give feedback on average
Of employees appreciate effective managerial communication
Employees leave their manager, not the company

Know what your team feel about your leadership

EngageWith helps managers run a quick pulse to get instant feedback to evaluate themselves effectively


Get honest opinions and feedback from peers

Run multiple surveys under 60 seconds and achieve an astounding 80% reply rate. Of course, the icing on top is that the surveys are anonymous, leading to honest comments and feedback.

Run multiple anonymous surveys and get honest feedback in a minute
Roll-out a quick Pulse & know your employees with EngageWiths' Anonymous Feedback

Quick Pulse, Instant feedback

Run a quick, contextual pulse to know your employees’ feelings about your company. To build trust and transparency, use EngageWiths’ anonymous feedback, which makes employees happy, loyal, and engaged.


Track your improvement with Pulse analytics after each survey

Consistency is key to improvement. With EngageWith, managers can now track analytics after each survey right inside the dashboard seamlessly. Track reply rate, engagement, and quality all in one place without switching 20+ tabs.

Track the analytics of each survey in the dashboard
Managers can pick the questions from our industry attested standard Pulse templates

Use our industry attested standard Pulse templates

Don’t know what queries to cover in your survey? Worry not. With EnagageWiths’ 50+ standard templates, managers can choose queries among varied categories of their choice. EngageWith gives managers the freedom to choose and edit a Pulse.

Send your Pulse in 30 seconds in
three simple steps

Send your Pulse to employees in 30 seconds
first point

Add EngageWith

Select “EngageWith” in your app store and add it to your channel.

second point

Choose your questionnaires

Select our standard pulse template or choose your desired queries in our repository

third point

Schedule and track your survey

Answer queries requested by your teammates effortlessly. Continue conversations and close the feedback loop.

Resources to build a feedback culture in your company

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What our customers are saying

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EngageWith has transformed the way we reward and recognize people inside my company. It has helped us connect better as a team and celebrate wins together. Overall: Ease of use - 9/10, customer support - 10/10, and impact on our team engagement - immeasurable.


Nikhil Kumar

Co-Founder, SETU

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When an employee says - ‘Hey, I got this coffee mug using my EngageWith points’ - it certainly creates a ripple effect by motivating others to give their best. This not only gets the best out of people, but also builds a great culture of recognition in the process.

Himanshi Khandelwal

Himanshi Khandelwal

Head of People,

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EngageWith is our one-stop solution to build the culture we always dreamt of at Cowrywise. And most importantly, it creates an instant impact - something no other app was able to achieve.


Razaq Ahmed


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EngageWith is a smack of all-things people inside Outplay. A must-have app for companies trying to build their DREAM culture.

Bhavya Arora

Bhavya Arora

People and Culture,

Manager Feedback Survey - FAQ's


How do you give feedback to a manager?
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Giving feedback to a manager can be challenging. But to provide effective feedback to a manager, consider the following steps:
1. Use specific, objective examples to support your feedback.
2. Use "I" statements to express your own thoughts and feelings.
3. Offer solutions or suggestions for improvement, if appropriate
4. Be open to their response and be willing to have a two-way conversation.
Who can participate in the Manager feedback survey?
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The Manager feedback survey is open for all the employees who have worked under the manager being evaluated.
What type of questions will be asked in the Manager feedback survey?
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In Manager feedback survey the questions are related to manager's communication style, leadership abilities, support of employee growth and development, and overall management practices.
Who will have access to the Manager feedback survey results?
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The survey results will typically be accessible to HR, senior management, and other relevant stakeholders, although the level of access and the specific individuals who will have access may vary depending on the company.
Why manager feedback surveys are important?
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Manager feedback surveys are important because they allow employees to share their opinions and provide feedback on their manager's performance, helping to identify areas for improvement and foster a culture of open communication and transparency. This can lead to a better working relationship, increased employee engagement, and job satisfaction.

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50 Management Survey Questions For Effective Managers

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Send a Pulse consistently to become a great manager

Send a Pulse consistently to become a great manager