50 Management Survey Questions For Effective Managers

50 Management Survey Questions For Effective Managers

Good Managers are hard to find. They are one of the most important assets of the company as they build teams, assign them responsibilities, and then handle them both as a team and individually. A bad Manager can shake the whole structure of any organization because no employee wants to work for a bad Manager. There are many instances when people leave a company not because the company was bad but because the Managers were. These management survey questions will help you retain this talent.

There is not a clear rule book for being a Manager and it is not something that is taught to us as we grow up. Still, some Managers genuinely want to improve and work on themselves. And for them, feedback from their teams is the best thing they can get. They can become better Managers if they start working on the feedback and improve accordingly and the organization will become better in the process.

Better Employee Surveys Questions Help Managers

The better questions you will ask, the better answers you will get. As an organization, you must ask the right questions to your employees to get the most out of any feedback survey. Asking the right questions to your employees regarding their Managers will not only give your better insights into how your employees feel about their Managers but is a great tool for Managers as well.

To become a better Manager, it’s important to understand the concerns or problems your teams are facing. By working on them, they can build an experience for them that will make them stay as they will be happy and engaged even remotely. In return, it will increase employee retention and productivity as they get an environment where they are being heard and assigned the right responsibilities.

Employee survey questions are a regular practice in many organizations. If an organization can use them effectively to know more about their insights on management, it’s a win-win for both the organization and employee. Organizations get to make better decisions and employees become a part of the decision-making. Managers can use these management survey questions to understand where they are lacking and improve to become better Managers.


Open Ended Questions

  1. Do you feel like your Manager is an effective leader?
  2. Do you have confidence in your Manager’s decisions?
  3. Do you get regular constructive feedback on your performance from your Manager?
  4. Does your Manager clearly define your day-to-day responsibilities?
  5. Is your Manager open and receptive to your ideas, suggestions, and requests?
  6. Does the Manager work respectfully with others?
  7. How often does your Manager recognize you for the work you are doing?
  8. Do you think your Manager cares about you as a person?
  9. Does everyone on your team receive fair treatment from the Manager
  10. How does your Manager’s communication style affect your team?
  11. Does your Manager create a trusting and open environment for everyone to speak up?
  12. How often does your Manager seek to share important information with you?
  13. Does your Manager explain how the organization’s plans affect you?
  14. Is your Manager interested in your career goals?
  15. Does management communicate performance expectations?
  16. Does your Manager inspire you to be better?
  17. Do you feel like your Manager is fully aware of your skills and abilities?
  18. Does management handle disagreements within the team and work professionally?
  19. Does your Manager care about your development?
  20. Are management decisions transparent and explained?
  21. Does your Manager consider other team members’ opinions before making a decision?\
  22. Does your Manager allow you the freedom to do your job as you feel best?
  23. Is the manager responsive to your needs and questions?
  24. Does your manager effectively solve problems?
  25. Does the manager keep you informed about the company’s news and developments?
  26. Does your manager treat you and your team members as unique individuals?
  27. Does your manager make consistently effective decisions?
  28. Does the manager provide a clear vision that aligns with the organization’s objectives?
  29. Does your Manager define what you need to do to be successful in your job?
  30. What could your Manager do to better support the performance and growth of you and your team?

On a scale of 1-10

  1. How will you rate your Manager’s ability to set clear goals for the team?
  2. How well does your Manager communicate with you and your colleagues about projects?
  3. How much your Manager values your ideas and inputs?
  4. How will you rate your Manager’s ability to communicate with the team?
  5. How supportive your Manager is?
  6. How transparent is the management team?
  7. How engaged is your Manager with you and your team?
  8. How will your rate your Manager’s technical ability to lead the group?
  9. How good is your Manager at recognizing your contributions at work?
  10.  How comfortable do you feel about providing feedback to your Manager?
  11. How strong is the management team?
  12. How well does your manager respond to your team’s needs and questions?
  13. How effective is your manager as a leader?
  14. How responsive is your manager to the concerns put forward by you and your team?
  15. How much do you agree with the statement: “My manager is an example of how to work effectively with others.”
  16. How do you rate your manager’s ability to help both you and your teammates hit performance goals?
  17. How would you rate your work-life balance?
  18. How effective is your manager’s problem-solving ability?
  19. How well does your Manager handle disagreements and conflicts?
  20. How effective is your Manager’s ability to give timely feedback?

Adding some of these questions to your next employee engagement survey will help you get better data regarding the management of the company. It will also aid you to improve your management so as to not hamper the growth of your organization.

Use EngageWith For 10X Better Managers

EngageWith is a Slack and Microsoft App with multiple features to build better engaged and satisfied teams. It is designed to build a sense of belonging among employees to increase employee retention and engagement.

We understand the importance of feedback systems for any organization to keep their teams happy. One of the feedback tools we have is the Manager anonymous feedback tool which is focused on using feedback to make someone a better Manager.

With the Manager Feedback Survey tool, a manager can send a pulse right into the workspace and gather feedback from their employees. It helps you ask all the management survey questions faster and in a better way. By consistently working on the feedback, they can become 10X better managers for the betterment of the organization.

Adding EngageWith to your workspace also brings additional benefits.

Benefits Of Using EngageWith

Honest And Diverse Insights

EngageWith has a response rate of 80% which is much higher than any other medium like feedback forms. Running a pulse will help you get more insights that will be both diverse and honest as it is anonymous. Using these insights, a manager can bring some changes in their style of working and communication.

For example, If a manager gets a response in the employee survey pulse that he is not communicating enough. Maybe he can take out some time to communicate more with employees.

Tracking Improvement

With the EngageWith dashboard, you can track the engagement of the employees regarding the survey. It will let you know whether they are open to giving you feedback. If they see results from the previous surveys then they are more likely to engage again and voice their opinion.

Pulse Templates For Employee Engagement Survey

It can get difficult to ask the right questions, so other than the list of questions in this article, you can try EnagageWith templates for management survey questions. It will help you get started right away without thinking about what to ask.

Add EngageWith right away to try one of the templates.


Just like an employee requires regular feedback to be on track to become a better employee, a manager requires feedback as well. With tools like EngageWith in your workspace, you can collect instant feedback with a much better response rate. As the management at each level will consistently improve to become better, your organization will grow stronger and you will be able to retain the best employees in your organization.


What questions should I ask in a survey?

The questions mentioned above are great to ask in a management survey or you can just use templates provided by EnagageWith to run the survey.

What are rating scale questions?

These are close-ended questions that you can add to the survey. The questions mentioned above “on a scale of 1-10” are rating scale questions. These questions are easy to answer and hence get more engagement.

What are good questions to ask employees about their managers?

All the questions in this article can be a good questions to ask employees about their manager. For example: “Do you think your manager cares about you as a person?”. This question brings insight into whether the manager is empathetic or not.

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