30 Fun, Creative, and Unique Employee Award Ideas for 2021

fun employee awards

Do you want to bring some fun to your office?

Looking for more interesting and fun ways to recognize your employees rather than handing out “Employee of the month” certificates?

In this article, you’ll find 30 fun employee award ideas that you can simply apply to your company.

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First, How to Make Employee Award Experience Meaningful

Do you want to start an employee award program?

Start with “WHY.”

Ask two questions to yourself:

  • Why am I launching an employee reward program?
  • And what do I really want to achieve with it?

Here are some common reasons companies start employee recognition and award programs:

1. Create a positive office culture. 

2. Create a culture of recognition. 

3. Motivate high performance. 

4. Reinforce certain behaviors. 

First, discover your own WHY and then move on.

Here are some steps to follow to build a successful program:

Make Sure The Program Suits Your Organization 

It is important to make sure that the employee award program can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system. You might also want to look out if you can white label the program to give it company identity. Look for a solution provider who can provide complete customization. 

Resonate The Core Values

These programs can be a great way to spread and articulate your company’s core values. So before choosing an employee reward program, you must ensure that you can customize your program to tie with the company values and ideologies. 

GoSkills, a Learning Management System, allows companies to customize rewards for employees who learn the most.  

Build a Team of Champions 

Appoint a few people who will be responsible for the implementation, managing, and establishment of a recognition program.

When building your team, look for people with the following characteristics:

  • Good knowledge of the program benefits.
  • Positioned as a team leader.
  • Should have an interest in the program.
  • Believes in company values. 

Get Social

When an employee receives an award, shout out on your company page or your internal newsletter, and your employees can like or comment. Give your entire workforce the opportunity to celebrate together and it encourages your employees to recognize each other.

Share Moments

Use Slack to share special moments with everyone and then instantly send recognition to your peers. This also provides more opportunities for employees to understand what’s going on, outside their day to day, with the ability to comment, tag, and even react with a thumbs up!

Make It Fun

Your employee award program should be fun and meaningful. Funny employee awards are best for a casual and fun way to recognize your team for their off-kilter strengths and quirks. Fun at work makes the team immune to the negative effects of stress and anxiety, thus reducing absenteeism.

Below is a list of ideas to get your creativity flowing, feel free to use them!

Drum roll, please… 

30 Funny Employee Award Ideas

Here are some out-of-the-box and fun employee award ideas:

1. Walking Encyclopedia Award

Does your team have a member that knows everything? Or they think they do. Yeah, this is their award.

2. Duct Tape Award

This award is for a person who’s able to fix anything.

3. Office DJ Award

Give this award to the person that knows how to jam. Everyone appreciates their good tunes, even if they play it a little too loud.

4. Social Director Award

This award is for the person who takes ownership of any and all group activities for the office.

5. Always In a Meeting Award

For the person who is never available to answer a phone call or reply to an important email because they’re always in a meeting.

6. Office Parent Award

Give this award to a person who remembers and collects money for everyone’s birthday, orders cakes, and is the office pharmacist.

7. Wannabe MJ Award

This award goes to the teammate who is pretty much a smooth criminal on the dance floor.

8. The Bermuda Triangle Award

Does someone own a mysterious desk where things go in and never return? Give this award to them.

9. Thinks In emoji Award

Do any of your employees know the slack emoji dictionary? This is that person who has a perfect emoji reaction to everything. 

10. Stand up Comedian Award 

This award is for that very special employee who always makes witty puns, jokes, and wordplay (you don’t have to admit if they’re good or bad).

11. The Foodie Award

This award goes to the employee who has the perfect recommendation for any cuisine and price range, and their taste is impeccable.

12. Mr. Clean or Ms. Clean Award

Is there someone on your team who keeps their workspace immaculately clean? Give this person Mr. Clean or Ms. Clean award.

13. The Picasso Award

This award is for an employee who is always doodling something.

14. Super Snacker Award

Give this award to the employee who’s snacking, snacking, snacking all the time.

15. The Instagrammer Award

They stop everyone and everything to take a picture for their Instagram. Click, click, and click.

16. I’m Giphy Award

Giphy is this employee’s first language. They always have the right gif on hand at any given moment.

17. The Coffeeholic Award

This award is for the employee who is inseparable from their cups of coffee (rumor has it they worked as a Starbucks barista in college).

18. The Green Thumb Award

The employee who has the most alive plants in their workspace? This person loves plants and gardening. Give them the Green Thumb Award.

19. The Chit-Chat Award

You all know a person in your team who talks more than anyone else. Give them the Chit Chat Award.

20. The Angry Bird Award

Give this award for an employee who gets easily upset and is always scowling.

21. The Beautician Award

Are you in need of new hair, skin care, and makeup recommendations? Contact the office beautician. This person has all beauty tips, tricks, and info you need to glow up.

22. The Iron Chef Award

This award goes to the employee who always packs a delicious looking lunch while everyone else goes to restaurants or Subway.

23. Always Late Award

This award is for the person that is always late for every meeting. They’re even late for the meetings they organize! 😀

24. Buzzword Award

This award goes out to the person who constantly uses any and every corporate acronym and buzzword.

25. Mission Impossible Award

There was that deadline that no one thought your team would be able to hit, but this person came through like a rock star and made it possible.

26. Elephant Memory Award

Forgetting things is common. But there is always that extraordinary person in the office who believes everything is unforgettable! The Elephant Memory Award is for that employee.

27. Alice In Wonderland Award

Lots of employees lose themselves in their fantasies. There will usually be a colleague who always seems lost in a fantasy of their own. The Alice in Wonderland Award is for them.

28. Astute Observer Award

It’s always nice to meet someone who notices a new haircut. Or a new dress. Or a new shirt. This award goes out to a person who is the most observant.

29. Calmer of Storms Award

The peace-makers are a very valuable resource. Every company needs them. Calmer of Storms ward is for the person who can quell any storm.

30. Dressed to Kill Award

Lots of people love to dress well to work. Some like to dress really really well. Dressed to Kill award goes out to the employee who lives to dress up.

Create Fun Employee Award Certificates

Want to personalize your employees’ award with a certificate to make the experience more meaningful and intimate? 

Here are a few inspirations for you:

Note: Canva offers certificate templates that you can customize in just a few clicks!

Template #1: Certificate of Awesomeness

award template 1

Template #2: The Brainstorming Whiz

award template 2

Template #3: The Standup Comedian Award

award template 3

Template #4: The Specs-Tacular Award

award template 4

Template #5: The Most Introverted Award

award template 5

Template #6: Mission Impossible Award

award template 6

Template #7: The Picasso Award

award template 7


What are some employee recognition awards?

Here are some employee recognition award ideas:

– The employee of the year
– Extraordinary leadership award
– Customer service award
– Team player award
– Standout performer
– Social contributor award

How can I appreciate my colleagues professionally?

Here are some tips for recognizing your peers:

– Let your peers know the reason for appreciation
– Cite the positive impact that their work brought
– Take care of your message tone
– Give a personalized touch to your message

How can you build a recognition program in your organization?

It takes a lot of planning and efforts to create an employee recognition program that people believe in and wants to use. Check out this guide to build an employee recognition program.

What are some funny employee award ideas?

In this article, you’ll find some out-of-the-box employee award ideas and templates.

It’s Your Turn!

Get creative with the way you celebrate your awards. You can use paper plates, certificates, or even create your own trophy!

Now go on and start having fun with your employee awards. Do you have any other employee award ideas? 😁

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