Personalize your quizzes to perfection with Trivia

Craft customized questions and answers, launch them with Trivia and nurture happy teams - right where your conversations happen.

Three simple steps to create custom quizzes with Trivia


Install Trivia on your Slack/MS Teams

Add Trivia to preferred channels. Set it up for your team to create and play custom quizzes.


Create a Custom Quiz with your questions

Open your personal chat with Trivia and submit 'custom'. Then simply enter the questions, MCQ choices and the correct answer.


One-click launch

Launch your custom quiz on preferred channels, engage your teams and spread smiles.

Team bonding made super simple

Be it a personalized quiz about your teammate on their birthdays or icebreaker questions to onboard new employees, Trivia’s custom quizzes help you bond with your teams in ways you’d never imagined.

Play precisely when you prefer

Be it Monday mornings or Thursday afternoons, Trivia helps you launch quizzes whenever you want with your remote teams.

Springworks ReviewSpringworks Review
Springworks Review
Springworks Review

Trivia has been named a Leader in its category in the report for Winter 2021.

An Indian Interactive Online tutoring platform added 52,000 minutes of Remote Employee Engagement with Trivia.
How Trivia helped a venture studio worth more than $1.3B to bond better, together as a remote team?
How a data-driven skill acceleration platform reinvented virtual icebreakers with Trivia?

Play together. Bond better. Free forever but installed in seconds.

Trivia is bringing teammates together in real-time in more than ... organizations across 55+ countries.

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