10x your team bonding, instantly

By engaging your teams over Trivia's suite of Games, Water Cooler and VirtualCoffee

400,000+ employees from 10,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding


Catch-up with your team over fun Games

All work and no play… you know how it goes. Trivia’s suite of games brings some much-needed fun and frolic to your daily work. Take a break, choose a game and stay connected with your team.

Make engagements happen through VirtualCoffee

Introduce teammates, encourage frequent catch-ups and help them get to know each other.

Connect around the Water Cooler anywhere

Post prompts, inspire conversations, and recreate those office watercooler rituals right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Build a super-engaged workforce

The effects of building a highly engaged workforce are numerous. From reduced turnover to improved productivity and efficiency, Trivia helps you build a cohesive unit effortlessly.


Team bondings


Increase in productivity


Faster peer-to-peer connections


Employees report a fresher, happier, relaxed mindset

Thousands of organizations trust Trivia to engage their teams

Trivia games are a lot of fun. It gives my team a quick 5 mins break, brings everyone together, and share light moments despite our busy schedules.

Elle Park | Executive Assistant

Build camaraderie and fun at work

Improve employee relations

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We use Trivia for remote ice-breakers. It has ensured the fresh hires connect with their new teammates by creating a shared sense of camaraderie and community right from day one.

Yashodhara | Head of Marketing

Get to know your team, better

Improve peer-peer connections

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Trivia exactly showed us what we were missing. The more we played it, the better we got at building genuine relationships, trust, and personal bonds amongst my people.

Koshik | Founder of Consenso Labs

150% increase in engagements

Strengthen personal connections

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10,000+ teams use Trivia to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

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