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Trivia at Vedantu: A Case Study by Springworks

How Trivia added 52,000 minutes of Remote Employee Engagement at Vedantu in 4 months

Vedantu is an Indian Interactive Online tutoring platform where teachers educate students over the internet using a real-time virtual learning environment. With a community of over 4,000 on Slack, Vedantu has been an active client of Trivia for 16 weeks now.

Trivia at Vedantu: Key Statistics

Earlier in a dialogue with the team at Vedantu, we learned about the initiatives they’ve been taking to engage their employees and platform teachers in a remote work environment, and keep team camaraderie intact.

Just earlier this month, they conducted a cooking event wherein participants were asked to prepare a recipe with only 3 ingredients. Another constant part of the remote culture at Vedantu today is sessions in meditation conducted by a dedicated mentor from their team itself.

There’s also a lot of interaction amongst the team members when they share photos of their work from home setups and family activities over time. Back on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Slack channels were filled with pictures and collages of mothers to celebrate everything they do on a special note.

With the intent to bring together the team in real-time, entertainment quizzes were earlier conducted across various functions and teams. These virtual quizzes, essentially image-based questions presented on a slide deck, were held on a live conference call where team members would participate in real-time.

This is something that the team at Springworks also did, back in the first few weeks of remote work. Gathering every evening at around 5.30 PM for what was called ‘Chai break’, everyone jumped in to play Kahoot! Quizzes via the video conferencing service Zoom.

Kahoot! Quizzes over Zoom Calls

After about a month of dedicated planning of Kahoot! + Zoom meetings, team Trivia saw how convenient, fun, and seamless it would be to have an app that hosts quizzes within our business communication platform Slack.

A month later, in May, we launched Trivia for Slack. With the Trivia bot taking care of everything from starting a game and scheduling a quiz to record answers and congratulating winners, we never had to move out of Slack for real-time engagement again.

Today, Trivia has helped build engagement in over 2,000 companies across 40 countries and is loved by more than 60,000 working professionals.

Trivia brings together teams to play real-time games right inside Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. Because of its seamless integration with these business communication platforms, players can get started with quick breaks at any point of the day without any prior planning.

Players simply need to start a game with the respective command or shortcut and Trivia takes it from there:

  • it sends a message informing that a game is about to start
  • it dynamically records all the answers, and
  • it presents the final results to conclude the game with a fun GIF
Real-time quizzes right inside Slack with Trivia

Soon after the launch in May, Vedantu installed Trivia on their Slack workspace as part of their team building activities. With only 8 participants in their first Trivia quiz, the community that also goes by the name ‘Vedans’ has played more than 300 games today.

Team Vedantu playing a Trivia quiz

Earlier on September 5, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we noticed multiple Trivia games getting hosted across various channels in Vedantu’s Slack workspace simultaneously.

By the end of the day, 84 Trivia games were played by 344 quiz fanatics at Vedantu to celebrate and appreciate all the teachers at Vedantu for their contributions to educating the students of today.

Teachers Day - Special Quizzing Event at Vedantu

What’s special about Trivia’s real-time games is the engagement that it evokes amongst not only participants but everyone on the channels where the games are hosted.

It brings back the old office banter. The jokes, the laughs, the smiles, the fun, the memories. Sometimes, someone is messing up basic math in a Trivia quiz, while on another day somebody votes for the most unconventional opinion – either way, that’s when the entire team cracks up!

As the IPL season was around the corner, we released a special feature within the Trivia game – (Un)Popular Opinions – that would let cricket enthusiasts launch polls for matches that are held on the same night. 

Cheering on for your favorite IPL Teams with Trivia

On our very first poll match between SRH and RCB, we saw how much people loved to vote for their favorite teams and support them. It caught everyone’s attention in minutes and the poll thread was flooded with comments – a mix of sarcasm, competitiveness and friendly jokes – the way it used to be back in our offices.

The Old Office Banter within Slack

Another game that fires up fun conversations in threads is Gotcha! A game that’s all about outsmarting your teammates with deceitful and witty answers, Gotcha! always draws attention to point out who’s got a good taste for fooling others. It’s not only fun to win, but also to fool your friends at work.

Silly conversations in Slack threads after a game of Gotcha!

Researchers from Brigham Young University in the US found newly-formed work teams experienced a 20 percent increase in productivity on subsequent tasks after playing video games together for just 45 minutes.

As of today, Team Vedantu has added roughly 52,000 minutes of employee engagement with real-time games over the past 12 weeks of remote work.

A history quiz at Vedantu

According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% and show 41% lower absenteeism.

With this in mind, it seems like team Vedantu is not only having a lot of fun together but also are getting more done day after day.

Vedans hosting an (Un)Popular Opinion Poll on IPL

Moreover, to maintain a productive balance between work and play, Vedantu has used the special ‘Scheduler’ feature of Trivia. With the help of this scheduler, they are not only able to set quizzes to start automatically at different times of the day but they also ensure that their team comes together for short breaks from time to time.

Trivia Quiz Scheduler

Having scheduled 3 quizzes each workday – morning, afternoon and late evenings (just before calling it a day), Vedantu has played over 8,000 quizzes today many of which were special, customized quizzes.

Bringing together all the observations in team engagement at Vedantu, we believe Trivia not only has influenced the way the ‘Vedans’ engage but also how they work every day.

Looking for virtual team building activities and games? We believe that Trivia is beneficial for remote teams. The idea was to having fun at work!

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