Break the ice. Build new bonds.

Help fresh hires connect and socialize with their new teammates right from day one. In short, “Tim from Marketing” becomes “Tim who loves burgers, backpacking and has dreams of building a canoe.

400,000+ employees from 10,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding


Give the warmth they need the fun way

Involve them in games like Quizzes, Pictionary, Gotcha, and more. Create a fun, memorable, and lively atmosphere for them to settle in effortlessly.

Celebrate birthdays with Custom Quizzes

Make birthdays more special by launching a personalized quiz with questions about the new hires. Encourage participation and help them to get to know each other better, one answer at a time.

Get social with Water Cooler

Connect around the Water Cooler for a casual talk about hobbies, interests, and passions. Help your fresh hires adapt and settle in faster.

Introduce them to new buddies

Introduce them to new teammates, encourage frequent meetings, and help them get to know each other better.

Nothing like fostering workplace friendships

It is more than just about “getting along” because the bonds you build during your initial days mean a lot. Strong in-office social connections make people happier and physically healthier, which can ultimately translate into better work performance.


10,000+ teams use Trivia to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

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