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Connect teams with your brand emotionally

Help your colleagues make an emotional connection with your brand. It will inspire them to do more. Their energy will translate into happy customers.

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Use our ready-made templates to launch real-time quizzes about your brand right inside your channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Create quizzes from scratch. Craft your own questions, personalize your answers and launch them with Trivia.

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Celebrate organization milestones

Organize special events with your own themed quizzes to celebrate anniversaries, recognitions & special occasions.

Trivia’s suite of games & features

Try other Trivia games, all inside Slack & Microsoft Teams:

Instant Quizzes

Custom Quizzes


Unpopular Opinion

Water Cooler

Peer Introductions through VirtualCoffee

This or That


Word Puzzles

Word Search


Emoji Rebus

GIF Charades

Self-paced Quizzes

Image Quizzes


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