How well do your employees
know your organization?

Align remote teams with your brand vision


Customizable quiz templates to raise
internal brand awareness

Connect teams with your brand emotionally

Help your colleagues make an emotional connection with your brand. It will inspire them to do more. Their energy will translate into happy customers.

Make learning about your brand fun

Use our ready-made templates to launch real-time quizzes about your brand right inside your channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Personalize your experience with Trivia

Create quizzes from scratch. Craft your own questions, personalize your answers and launch them with Trivia.

Celebrate organization milestones

Organize special events with your own themed quizzes to celebrate anniversaries, recognitions & special occasions.

Trivia’s suite of games & features

Try other Trivia games, all inside Slack & Microsoft Teams:

Instant Quizzes


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Play together. Bond better. Free forever but installed in seconds.

Trivia is bringing teammates together in real-time in more than ... organizations across 55+ countries.

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