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Science Case Study: Building motivated and happy teams with Trivia

Science is a venture studio with a bunch of start-ups in its portfolio. Founded in 2011, they specialize in building next-gen start-ups that shape our future and transform them into profitable resources. Few notable affiliates include Dollar Shave Club, FameBit, PlayVS, Liquid Death, Pray, Arrive, Mammoth, and more. 

As of today, they’ve got more than 60+ companies under their hood, 500m+ investments, 1.3 billion+ portfolio acquired. 


Science has 17 employees in its core team and over 200+ individuals who are distributed across teams and businesses. 

Before the remote-work culture began, employees at Science bonded naturally in person. Daily casual social engagement at their office cafe as well as through events like board game nights, happy hours, and bigger company events held at venues off-site.

But the current unprecedented times have challenged them to bring their teams together and engage them effectively as they’re distributed and separated while working from home. 

Major challenges include: 

  1. Making sure employees can still socialize remotely.
  2. Help remote teams collaborate and still be able to communicate with each other whenever inspiration/creativity/new ideas strike naturally.
  3. Keep remote teams motivated and happy to maintain employee morale.

During remote work, in-person engagement was no more, so all communication was reduced to emails, calls, video conferencing, and Slack. This transition makes it challenging to maintain employee morale. 

Since everyone’s working from home, the psychological boundary between work and life is reduced as a result. Thus it’s important to ensure they are mentally and emotionally sound


Trivia solution

Science felt that Trivia offered a unique solution by providing them an opportunity to use Slack not just as a productivity tool but for fun team engagement as well. 

Here how Science found success using Trivia

(A) Feeling your team’s presence with Trivia’s custom quizzes

Birthdays are important in anyone’s life. Celebrating them with your team makes it even special. But the current remote work routines make it challenging. 

With Trivia’s custom quizzes, employees at Science were empowered to feel their team’s presence even while working remotely. But how? 

Many employees had their birthday fall amidst the current remote working scenario, but being apart doesn’t mean you can’t do something special for a coworker’s birthday to brighten up their day.

Birthday surprise

To make it special, teammates collaborated to create trivia questions about the coworker who’s birthday it was and rolled out a special surprise birthday quiz on Trivia!

Launching the game on the company’s general slack channel allowed for everyone to join in and play! Custom quizzes on coworker birthdays have now become a new way to engage and celebrate together remotely!

(B) Engaging remote teams with Trivia’s auto-scheduler

Science has auto-scheduled Trivia quizzes twice a day right inside Slack. Employees get notified of the upcoming quiz before it goes live, and they can take a break from their work and play! 

Upon discussions, Science told us that teams shared a lot of fun through these games. These 5 mins quick launch quizzes give a quick boost of fun time together during a busy workday when you are working at home alone. 

Play Trivia

Trivia acts as a stimulus to employees. Features such as leaderboards, special shoutouts, and trophies help teams stay engaged and productive.

(C) Motivated and happy teams with “Celebrity Hosted Nights”

To boost employee happiness and morale, Science utilized one of Trivia’s premium offerings – Celebrity Hosted Trivia Nights. 

On one such session, leading stand-up comedian, Ian Bagg was invited to host Trivia’s virtual session. There were a series of questions that were made exclusively for the Science team. 

Known for bantering with audience members, Ian had employees smiling and laughing throughout the entire virtual session. 

Trivia’s virtual sessions are a great way to keep your team engaged by prompting a little fun while working remotely, and Science exactly did that! 

Before and After Trivia at Science

The level of lighthearted fun that Trivia has induced into Science is unprecedented by keeping team morale high. 

Trivia’s quick to launch and easy to use nature make it effortless for teams to play together and fall in love with it. Trivia is an easy go-to solution for fun team activity and breaks to take together from the workday. 

What’s unique about Trivia’s real-time games is its engagement amongst not only those who played but also everyone who watched on the company channels where the games are hosted. 

Trivia brings back office banter, jokes, laughs, smiles and fun! 

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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