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Virtual Pictionary, Real Fun!

Dial up your team's engagement quotient with Trivia's most-loved game - Online Pictionary, right within your workspaces.

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600,000+ employees from 40,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding

How does the virtual Pictionary work?

Three simple steps to get started

Add Trivia to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Click the ‘Add Trivia’ button on the top of this page or install it directly from the Slack or Microsoft Teams App Directory.

Simply type the command and you’re good to go!

For Slack - /trivia pictionary
For Teams - @Trivia Pictionary

Catch-up, and
enjoy Pictionary together

No extra logins. No clunky apps. Simply join the link through your browser and get started instantly.

15000+ virtual teams worldwide use Trivia app to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

Want to know how Trivia  can take your team bonding up a notch?

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Fun, Lightweight, and Engaging

That’s easier said than done. And that’s where Trivia’s Pictionary comes in.

Without Pens,
Whiteboards, or Paperclips

Right from digital whiteboards, moderators to score calculators, we offer everything you need to play a perfect game of Pictionary without any hassle.

Feels as Good as
Playing in Real-Time

More than the game, it’s bringing out the funny artistic side and the hilarious guesses people make. So we recreated the digital equivalent of the game to keep things lively and capture memorable moments for your team to relish playing together.

Build Stronger
Bonds with your Team

Encourage participation and enliven your virtual happy hours. Find out the Sheldons and Amys in your team. Boost camaraderie and fun amongst your team by playing Pictionary.

Why customers love Trivia

Trivia is more about post-game banter, inside jokes, and laugh riots. It lightens the mood, creates a lively atmosphere, and helps you bond with your peers, instantly.


Team bondings


Increase in productivity


Faster peer-to-peer connections


Employees report a fresher, happier, relaxed mindset

Trivia is loved at BetterQA. We look forward to the quizzes and the banter and try to get on top of the gaming leaderboard. We have seen a boost in employee engagement since Trivia, and it's refreshing.

Sonia Stefan
| Recruiter

76% engagement index


111 Water Cooler conversations

Trivia is the perfect employee engagement app for remote organizations like us. It helps us bond and engage better as a team. If we don’t have Trivia anymore, our people will be really sad.

Melanie Wagner
| Manager, People's Operation

Employee engagement on auto-pilot


Better team bonding

Employee engagement and culture have seen a boost since we’ve started using Trivia. Everyone frees up their calendar for the 4 pm quiz!

Simone Williams
| Office & Purchasing Manager

107% engagement rate


Improved team bonding

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Trivia has been the perfect ice-breaker for new joiners. It's all about bringing people together in a certain space and time and watching them have fun and bond. The goal we had in mind with Trivia was to encourage and empower new joiners to gel with their existing teammates, and what better way than to do it in the form of fun quizzes and games.

Pavithra Chandrasekaran

HR Business Partner, Leadle

Honestly, Trivia is a blessing. We are able to humanize in a way that was not happening earlier. Like I love the Virtual Coffee feature, it's a great way to break the ice. I have seen so many instances where the Virtual Coffee pairings have fostered strong bonds. We’ve seen people discussing topics outside of work.

Sonia Stefan

Recruiter, BetterQA

It’s been terrific to see how Trivia has brought our team together every now and then. The quizzes are a treat when you’ve got a pile of work and you need to pump those creative juices. Our team just loves the new game types - opinion polls, word puzzles and gotcha!

Melanie Wagner

People's Operations, Hatch

15000+ virtual teams worldwide use Trivia app to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connection

Start playing Pictionary with your team, virtually.

Try Trivia

Play together. Bond better. Free forever but installed in seconds.

Building stronger bonds in real time, Trivia is leveraged by 40,000 global organisations for better team bonding.








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