How does it work?

Add Trivia to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Click the ‘Add Trivia’ button on the top of this page or install it directly from the Slack or Microsoft Teams App Directory.

Simply type the command and you’re good to go!

For Slack - /trivia pictionary
For Teams - @Trivia Pictionary

Catch-up, and
enjoy Pictionary together

No extra logins. No clunky apps. Simply join the link through your browser and get started instantly.

Fun, Lightweight, and Engaging

That’s easier said than done. And that’s where Trivia’s Pictionary comes in.

Without Pens,
Whiteboards, or Paperclips

Right from digital whiteboards, moderators to score calculators, we offer everything you need to play a perfect game of Pictionary without any hassle.

Feels as Good as
Playing in Real-Time

More than the game, it’s bringing out the funny artistic side and the hilarious guesses people make. So we recreated the digital equivalent of the game to keep things lively and capture memorable moments for your team to relish playing together.

Build Stronger
Bonds with your Team

Encourage participation and enliven your virtual happy hours. Boost camaraderie and fun amongst your team by playing pictionary.

My team demanded more! They have had a great time with Trivia on Slack. With a wide range of topics, it's almost impossible to cheat and it sparks conversation between groups that don't traditionally interact. Trivia buffs have found each other, and general puzzle people have popped up in surprising specialty areas.

Christina Kinney

Chief Operating Officer,

Trivia has brought something fun to my workday. Trivia takes the stress/tension of work away and gives a refreshing time. Its like taking a break without actually taking a break. 😛 Along with a fun experience, it improves knowledge as well which is the best thing about it.🙂

Shagun Chaudhary

Community Growth, Kuku

It’s been terrific to see how Trivia has brought our team together every now and then. The quizzes are a treat when you’ve got a pile of work and you need to pump those creative juices. Our team just loves the new game types - opinion polls and gotcha!

Naman Sarawagi

Co-Founder, Refrens

Use it every day! Games are up in seconds, and it fires up my brain for the rest of the day. Great for connecting with coworkers and taking a break from the regular workflow.

Christina Kinney

Chief Operating Officer,

This is an amazing addition to our Slack workspace. We were doing weekend quizzes in smaller groups outside of work during the lockdown. But this brings together our entire team, including interns and freelancers for some fun together. Love the new feature updates - especially choosing difficulty levels, leaderboards, image-based quizzes, etc

Anurag Dwivedi

Co-Founder, Rocketium

I enjoy all the quizzes hosted by Trivia. It gives you a break from your busy work schedule and you are able to connect with your colleagues. The best part is that the quiz result is showcased with a funny animated gif and creates a competitive environment pushing people to be a part of every quiz.

Gambheer Singh

Senior Software Engineer II,

We have been using this in our team channel and we LOVEDDD it. Crazy fun. Must try. Almost brainless.

Vivek Khandelwal

Founder, IZooto

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