‘Pictionary can’t be played virtually’, said no one

Do you miss playing Pictionary with your team? Well, Trivia’s Pictionary is a digital equivalent for teams who breathe Slack and Microsoft Teams.


How does it work?

Add Trivia to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Click the ‘Add Trivia’ button on the top of this page or install it directly from the Slack or Microsoft Teams App Directory.

give command
Simply type the command and you’re good to go

For Slack - /trivia pictionary

For Teams - @Trivia pictionary

catch up
Catch-up, and enjoy Pictionary together

No extra logins. No clunky apps.
Simply join the link through your browser and get started instantly.

Fun, Lightweight, and Engaging

That’s easier said than done. And that’s where Trivia’s Pictionary comes in.

Without Pens,
Whiteboards, or Paperclips

Right from digital whiteboards, moderators to score calculators, we offer everything you need to play a perfect game of Pictionary without any hassle.

Feels as Good as
Playing in Real-Time

More than the game, it’s bringing out the funny artistic side and the hilarious guesses people make. So we recreated the digital equivalent of the game to keep things lively and capture memorable moments for your team to relish playing together.

Build Stronger
Bonds with your Team

Encourage participation and enliven your virtual happy hours. Boost camaraderie and fun amongst your team by playing pictionary.


Start playing pictionary with your team, virtually.

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