“We would feel lost if Trivia isn’t there anymore.” – How Pranda added an element of fun to their work culture with Trivia


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40+Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry 

Pranda UK has been established in the UK for over 25 years and continues to supply high-quality fine gemstone and costume jewellery to the trade. Recognized for its refined jewellery craftsmanship and articulate entrepreneurial skills, Pranda Group has been awarded multiple accolades from the Thai government throughout its history of over 48 years of operations.


We got on a call with Simone Williams – Office and Purchasing Manager at Pranda, to discuss how Trivia has helped them drive employee engagement, build better team bonds virtually, and connect as a group. Read on.  

Can you tell us a bit about Pranda and what a typical work day looks like for you?

Pranda is a luxury jewellery company operating for more than 25 years. We specialize in precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our parent company is based in Thailand. We sell online. My typical work day ranges from looking after purchase orders, looking after the team, and starting Trivia quizzes. 

What were the challenges that Pranda faced for employee engagement?

We are a hybrid organization and work 2 days from the office. Our main challenge, I would say, is maintaining the employees’ energy levels when we are not interacting face to face. Like in the office, we chat up, talk about the weather, and take coffee breaks. But it is difficult to keep the bond in an online setup. You are constantly on Slack, doing your work, and there is no real interaction. 

We realized we needed a Slack tool to help us unwind, take that break from work, and bond with our teammates. 

How has Trivia helped foster employee engagement?

Before Trivia, I used to browse the internet, search for interesting games that we could play online, or download a bunch of GIFs and post them on the channel to get the conversation started. This was not ideal. Trivia has made it easy for us to take a break from work. We have scheduled quizzes at 4 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the team actually looks forward to it. We get maximum participation for the games, and it really helps us take some time off work and indulge in playful banter.

GIF Charades

How has the team at Pranda taken to Trivia?

Our team loves Trivia. We are typically a shy lot. So, quizzes are a great way to break the ice. We love Pictionary as well, and it helps us to bond. Other than that, we haven’t really managed to get the Virtual Coffee and Watercooler features going yet, but I am hopeful we will be able to use them more often with time. Since we started using Trivia, we have seen the engagement levels go up. My teammates do look forward to the quizzes and absolutely enjoy their time.

Simone Pranda-Testimonial

Finally, what would you share about our customer support and user experience?

I am extremely happy with Trivia. We would love to try out the new features that Trivia offers. Right now, it has the right mix of quizzes and games that we enjoy and has helped us bond better. The user experience is seamless. Trivia is easy to use, and our team too is very happy with it. If and when I do face an issue, the customer support team resolves it extremely quickly, which is great. 

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