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Instant quizzes

With 26K+ fun and quick to launch quizzes, introduce a nice 5-minute break to your busy workday and engage with your teams, better. Choose from a myriad of categories to get started instantly.

(Un)popular opinions

Conduct simple, native polls, and know what your team’s opinion in minutes, not through meetings.

Custom quizzes

Craft customized questions and answers, launch them with Trivia. Nurture happy teams - right where your conversations happen.


An MCQ quiz with lots of twists, turns, and baits. Score points for every right answer and every time you trick your teams into choosing your suggested answer.

Word Puzzle

Boast your English vocabulary to your teams. Test your English mastery and know how good you are at forming words from random letters.

This or that

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about choosing the popular answer. Know your teammate’s preferences better and bond with them faster.

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