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Skillenza Case Study: Reinventing virtual icebreakers with Trivia

Skillenza is a data-driven skill acceleration platform. They help professionals and students identify gaps in their current skill levels and market requirements through scientific assessments using their proprietary assessment engine and recommend customized learning paths for each individual.

These learning paths enable the Skillenza users to be ready for the right opportunity at the right company, be it a full-time job, internship, or part-time gig.

Correspondingly, top companies like AWS, Microsoft, Societe Generale, Yes Bank, Rapido, Dunzo, Unilever, and many more trust Skillenza to connect with developers.

Challenge: Engage their newly onboarded workforce

Skillenza has over 30+ employees in its core team. They believe in hiring bright prospects at their young age and nurture them into industry leaders. As a result, most of their workforce comprises freshers dreaming of great things in their careers. 

Before the advent of COVID-19, their employees engaged in many fun activities, like office parties, playing Mafia, night outs, and various team outings to make them feel more comfortable. 

But after the outbreak of the pandemic, there was a seismic shift in the way they engaged. Since most of their hires are young and recently graduated, ensuring culture fit through various onboarding events became challenging.

They required more care and attention, but the traditional ways of engaging were no longer effective. 

Solution: Reinventing virtual icebreakers with Trivia

That’s when they came to know about Trivia

Trivia was almost like an instant hit. It allowed the new hires to make memorable experiences right from day one. As a result, Trivia laid the right foundations to connect and engage with their new teammates in no time. 

Skillenza with Trivia

On dialog with Yashodhara, Head of Marketing at Skillenza, it was revealed that most individuals were either movie buffs or binge-watchers. Upon trying Trivia’s instant quizzes addressing topics such as Harry Potter, GoT, Hollyhood, etc., their teams felt a sense of togetherness.

It helped them identify teammates with common interest upon which they could build further connections.

onboarding with Trivia

During one such quiz on Bollywood, few questions were so entertaining that their team burst out of laughter. Such was the extent to which Trivia ensured fun and happiness for distributed teams. 

Trivia games

Over a period of time, playing Trivia games ensured that new hires find their connections well-rooted in their new environment. In fact, gamification became a part of their daily routine. 

remote team games

As a result, they started scheduling Trivia games every day at 5 PM. All of their employees put a pause on what they do to play Trivia. 

Trivia created a shared sense of camaraderie and community that can be built even before a new hire sets foot into physical buildings. 

employee morale

Trivia games consistently made it possible for Skillenza to bring out a positive culture by fostering long-lasting connections. 

Our Take

We at Trivia understand, successful onboarding not only signifies a great beginning but paves a clear path for employees strategically. 

Even in these unprecedented times, the transformation to remote work shouldn’t prohibit employees from staying connected.

By implementing new practices to support the remote working model, employers will make themselves more attractive to prospective employees while maintaining business continuity. And Trivia exactly ensures it at its best!

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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