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Using GenAI to Re-haul Your HR/Employee Helpdesk Experience
Using GenAI to Re-haul Your HR/Employee Helpdesk Experience

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In this webinar, join Springworks CEO, Kartik Mandaville, and VP Marketing, Abhash Kumar, to uncover the what, why, & how of unlocking AI’s power to give your HR/Employee Helpdesk a complete overhaul.

Watch the video to -

  • Get a vision of the success criteria for an AI-backed HR helpdesk solution - what does it look like?
  • Uncover the transformative potential of GenAI
  • Gain strategic insights on how to implement a new AI-powered helpdesk tool at your company
  • Address concerns around data privacy & security
  • Navigate the shift from human interaction and potential hiccups in adoption

Get answers to all your questions around how your employee helpdesk can do the work it is meant to, and harness instead of hamper productivity at your organization.

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