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How to set up, automate, and scale a successful candidate-centric background verification process
How to set up, automate, and scale a successful candidate-centric background verification process

​Background checks help businesses verify candidates during the hiring process. Every time a business hires a new employee, it is an investment. Conducting background checks on potential employees and volunteers should be a major part of every organization’s business process. Background checks can help reduce the risk of criminal activities such as violence, abuse and theft. They can also verify the information on an applicant’s resume or job application and assist organizations in deciding if an individual is the right person for the job. Employers have a legal obligation to protect their business, staff, and customers from any foreseeable act of an employee or volunteer.


  1. Kartik Mandaville - CEO at Springworks
  2. Abhash Kumar - VP Marketing at Springworks (Moderator)
  3. Khushboo Gupta - Senior Manager, People Operations at Slice
  4. Shipra Rai - Vice President of People Operations at Niveus Solutions

Through this panel discussion, you will learn:

  • ​When is the right time to bring a professional background verification partner on board?
  • ​How to digitize background verification end-to-end?
  • ​Types of background checks and their use cases. Which check is relevant for who?
  • ​How do you actually interpret a background check when something goes wrong - do a red automatically mean fire?
  • ​What’s the message you’re sending out when you want to run background checks on your employees? Why is it always perceived negatively? How can we change that?
  • ​In a candidate market, how can you drive better candidate acceptance of BGV through UX without hampering the onboarding yet being able to deliver on compliance?
  • ​Who is the real owner of the data?
  • ​Why shouldn’t the candidate be able to access their own report?
  • ​Tools/services used to automate background verification in Slice & Niveus Solutions
  • ​And any other queries that the attendees might have regarding background verification.

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