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How to build happy and engaged remote/hybrid teams: The playbook
How to build happy and engaged remote/hybrid teams: The playbook

Employee engagement doesn’t just correlate with great organizations, it can create great organizations. Organizations with high employee engagement reduce both turnover and hiring costs, and disengaged employees are a major factor contributing to high employee turnover.

The Slack Future of Work Study states that 85% of employees want to feel more connected with their remote teammates but often face a challenge due to remote or hybrid work set-up. The solution? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this webinar.

1. Sonia Stefan - Marketing Analyst and Recruiter at BetterQA
2. Melanie Wagner - Manager, People Operations, Hatch
3. Pavithra Chandrasekaran - Human Resources Business Partner, Leadle
4. Kartik Mandaville - CEO, Springworks
5. Moderator - Abhash Kumar - VP, Marketing, Springworks

​Through this panel discussion, you will learn:

  • ​What are the employee engagement challenges for remote and hybrid workspaces
  • ​Why employee engagement matters now more than before
  • ​How to build engaged and connected teams right inside Slack
  • ​What are the trending employee engagement hacks
  • ​Do’s and don’ts of employee engagement for remote and hybrid workspace

​Target audience

​CXOs, Founders, HR - employee engagement, People Ops

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