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Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: A Beginners Session
Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: A Beginners Session

Diversity & Inclusion is important and tricky to implement in organizations. It can't be a mere policy on paper. It needs to be accepted, implemented successfully, and taken seriously. We collaborated with experts to help you understand how you can go about this and how Springworks has been doing this for all these years.

Moderated by our VP of Marketing - Abhash Kumar, here’s an on-demand webinar on Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: A Beginners Session

Our Panelists

Kartik Mandaville - CEO at Springworks
Pallavi Pareek- CEO at Conduct
Alisha Gonsalves - Head of growth - Conduct

What’s in it for you? You’ll learn

  • What is Diversity & Inclusion? 
  • How does it come into play in the context of a workplace? 
  • What do workplace leaders need to do to understand Diversity & Inclusion? 
  • What are the workplace Diversity & Inclusion mandates? 
  • How can workplaces know when to create appropriate Diversity & Inclusion interventions in the workplace?
  • Do Diversity & Inclusion mandates change for different workplaces? E.g., Different for startups, mid-size, enterprises, etc. 
  • Can Diversity & Inclusion be measured or derived through data?
  • What will the Diversity & Inclusion Pulse do for organizations? 

Who can benefit from this webinar?

CXOs, Founders, HR - recruitment function, people looking to take on leadership roles within their organizations

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