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Using AI to Ace Workplace Productivity in 2024
Using AI to Ace Workplace Productivity in 2024

Watch the webinar here. Passcode: i$a2Rw#T.

Join Springworks CEO, Kartik Mandaville, and Alex Tzukerman, Chief Product Officer,  Benivo, in this webinar where they talk about key deterrents to workplace productivity - like manual or repetitive tasks - citing facts and stats from Springworks’ survey-based report.


  1. What factors hamper productivity 
  2. How they affect productivity
  3. What is the solution

Watch the video to -

  1. Understand the key factors that hinder productivity in the workplace
  2. Know the shocking cost of manual and repetitive tasks on your productivity and profits
  3. Learn exactly how AI can revolutionize productivity and efficiency in your organization
  4. Believe it when you see it - hear from our expert guest panelist on their productivity hurdles and how they leverage AI

The webinar shows exactly how an AI-powered solution can significantly elevate productivity. It will equip both leaders and the workforce at large with the tools to supercharge organizational efficiency.

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