Virtual Trivia Games to Play on Zoom

Top 15 Virtual Trivia Games to Play on Zoom

Everything has been shifted online after the Coronavirus swept the world. Everyone is looking to have a fun time online. Trivia has always been the favorite pastime of many people.

Therefore, it is no surprise that you can play virtual trivia games on Zoom easily. Here is a list of 15 awesome virtual trivia games to play on Zoom: 

Virtual Trivia Games to Play on Zoom

1. Watercooler Trivia

Watercooler Trivia is a great gathering place for office-goers. The place is home to the hottest gossip as well as talks on projects. Talking about virtual trivia games to play over zoom, we have to include watercooler trivia.

It is a great game that lets you choose trivia categories and play. The team behind the game draws up the questions and then announces who the champion is. 

virtual watercooler

2. Family Feud

Everyone loves Family Feud. Even those who don’t watch it as a guilty pleasure. You can play Family Feud on Zoom. Match your answers to questions to popular responses and get points if you can guess the popular responses. You can compete with friends as well and host a 1v1 or 3on1 game. 

3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is one of the most beloved shows ever since it launched in the 90s. It is so popular that almost every country has its version of it. In this, you will have to answer the questions asked by the host.

Like the game show, you can phone a friend, ask the audience, or eliminate options if you do not know the answer. You can play this game alone or with 4-5 friends. This game show is one of the best online trivia games for Zoom. 

4. Knockout Trivia

Knockout Trivia is one of the simplest zoom trivia games. Of course, you have to answer the question correctly, or you will get knocked out. You can even create your own trivia game for zoom. Make a league and play with your colleagues, friends, or family anytime you want. 

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5. Random Trivia Generator

The Random Trivia Generator website has a lot of trivia divided into categories. You can play fun trivia games online like Random Trivia Generator on Zoom.

You can create a list of 20 or 30 questions and give 30 seconds to the participants to answer them. After all the questions, the person with the highest correct guesses wins the game. 

6. Quizbreaker

Playing trivia on Zoom is even more fun with Quizbreaker. The website is a popular destination to facilitate an online trivia session. It has a wide range of trivia games that can help with team building and morale. You can create a custom trivia game for Zoom with Quizbreaker. 

7. 94%

In this trivia, your friends answer common questions like “What is the greatest movie ever.” They must get 94% of the questions right. The trivia gets harder with every round. It is one of the most exciting zoom trivia games for large groups. 

8. Poppy Quiz

PoppyQuiz is a fantastic multiplayer trivia game. Users can sign up with their social media account and find their friends. The site’s trivia section has more than 200 sections, including television, sports, movies, etc.

Participants get 30 seconds to answer a particular question. There are six rounds and then a bonus round to end the game. 

9. Newsmeister

This trivia game is focused on current affairs. Participants will have to be aware of what’s happening worldwide to do well in this game. Trivia games for zoom meetings need a fresh twist which this game provides. Download this app on your phone and play over Zoom. 

10. Jeopardy Online

In Jeopardy, you get answers and clues. Then, you have to frame the question to which the answer belongs. The game starts with 12 hints, and you can select anyone and frame a question.

Then, scores are given depending on how difficult the clues are. So, if you are looking for trivia ideas for zoom, Jeopardy online is a fun one. 

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11. Heads Up 

In this game, one player holds their phone to the forehead pointing the screen towards the camera. Other players have to shout clues, and the person holding the phone has to figure out the answer. The player who guesses the most number of times correctly wins the game. This one is an easy trivia game for zoom. 

12. Breakout IQ

This game starts with a breakout room where each team decides their captain. The 100 point Trivia games begin after that. Start with easy questions so that people know ‘How to play trivia on zoom’ and gradually move towards tough questions.

If you are looking for the answer to ‘How to make a trivia game for zoom,’ then Breakout IQ is the answer as it has a simple idea that can be executed without any difficulties. 

13. Crowdpurr

If you are looking for a trivia platform for zoom, you cannot miss out on Crowdpurr. It lets you create your trivia and host it. For example, you can create a survivor-based trivia where the wrong answer gets people eliminated, or you can keep it simple with points-based trivia.

Crowdpurr is an amazing trivia maker for Zoom. As far as online multiplayer trivia games on zoom go, Crowdpurr is a crowd favorite. 

14. Sporcle

Sporcle has many trivia games. Online trivia games for Zoom can get a bit mundane. However, Sporcle keeps things interesting with different kinds of games one can play on Zoom. There are trivia hunts as well, where participants can win prizes. Live5 and Bingo are some of the games that are very popular on Sporcle. 

15. Scattergories

This game will let you decide the categories of trivia you want to play with. After you create a game, each individual will be assigned a unique code.

Like name, place, animal, things, Scattergories enable you to play trivia on random categories. Super fun questions can be used as well, such as “name cities that start with X.” 


Trivia is a fantastic way to destress. In offices, it helps with team building and letting out steam. With Work From Home or a hybrid working model, socializing with people from the office has become difficult. As such, games like 94% and knockout can play a huge role in forming bonds and friendships.

There are various games to choose from, and each has a unique selling proposition that appeals to people. We hope you find the perfect trivia game to play with your friends, family, or colleagues. 

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