One App, Four Companies, Countless Bonds

How is Trivia helping top organizations with team building?

how top companies use Trivia

Just because your team works together doesn’t imply they bond well together.

Building a cohesive unit gives an opportunity for people to enjoy working with each other. At the same time, these activities should not lie outside of your regular workflow by disrupting it. So giving them an opportunity to connect mutually is very important. 

But such things are easier said than done. And in this post, you will discover how top companies use Trivia to help their team bond better, together. 

Building super-engaging team at Workform

Trivia is fun to play. It explores the light side of getting together with your team and discovering new things about your teammates. It makes it effortless for everyone to unwind, share and build relationships. 

One such example where Trivia was deployed on similar lines was ‘Workform.’ Workfrom is a virtual cafe that helps you find a coworking space: a kind of coffee shop on the cloud for you to connect and work remotely. Their biggest challenge was to bring those casual non-work-related banters to remote work. 

Enter Trivia and boom! As soon as they started playing it, they felt the difference. Our games re-injected the much-needed fun to their remote work and promoted collaboration and camaraderie. 

Jessica Jessie – Head of Ops, said:

Every time a game is launched, individuals put a hold to what they’re doing to play Trivia together. More than the game, it was about the post-game banters and the fun conversations that the games brought around. We understood such talks are crucial to developing relationships, fight stress, and diffuse tension.”

As a result, Trivia became crucial in bringing everyone in one place and recreating those in-office jokes, casual talks, and de-stressing conversations to their remote work. 

Trivia at Workfrom

Jessica also added, “Since we being a company building virtual cafe for remote workers, apps like Trivia play a crucial part in engaging our community.”

The critical issue here is not the conversation topic but encouraging people to open up with their peers. Conversely, Trivia’s impact was immensely positive by helping them combat loneliness and foster collaboration. 

Making camaraderie and fun a part of daily work at Headout

Building team camaraderie in a workplace is challenging. When you’ve in-person teams, communication and bonding happen organically. But, in a remote setup, it is extremely challenging. 

Headout understood this well and introduced Trivia in their workspace. (Headout is an on-demand travel platform helping travelers to discover and book incredible tours, activities, events, and social experiences). 

In just 5 mins of playing Trivia, the signs were clear. Everyone noticed a significant difference in the way they came together as a team.

Upon conversation with Viraaj, Head of Operations, he said:

I still remember a quiz on beginner math. The questions were immensely simple. Everyone was just laughing at the ease. But the best part?  No one expected people would get the wrong answers, even for such simple math questions. This encouraged a lot of post-game banters and fun. That’s the extent of fun Trivia games induce.

Trivia at Headout

Trivia has become some sort of a habit for teams at Headout. In fact, they’ve auto-scheduled the games to ensure they never miss out on the fun part of work.

As a result, workplace camaraderie has become a powerful tool for their teams to build friendly conversations and develop positive relationships. This helps teams think as a unit, and ultimately the company thrives out value out of it. 

Increasing remote team engagements by 10x at Orfium

Team building is an art. To accomplish it, you need the right tools. RIghtly so, Orfium found their own via Trivia. Orfium is a music management platform and monetization service. They offer artists and curators with necessary rights to control, license, and monetize music services. 

One of their main challenges was to engage their virtual teams and bring back in-office employee interactions. 

Michael, CTO of Orfium, revealed:

I wanted to find a way to bring our teams together, something fun. So we gave Trivia a try. To my excitement, almost everyone loved it almost instantly. 

To maintain the same engagement levels as they used to have in their offices, it was necessary to employ a tool that would bring their entire team together in one place. 

Trivia at Orfium

Michael also added, “Humor, as you know, has the potential to eliminate loneliness, and Trivia made our teams feel better by bringing them together. We realized there are a lot of potentials, and we scheduled Trivia every day at 4 PM, so we never miss out on the fun.”

As a result, a focus on employee mental health and well-being became possible.

Those lighter moments that come from sitting next to your colleague in-office had been missing, and Trivia made a huge difference by making teams feel their co-worker’s presence right from their living rooms. 

Cultivating camaraderie and collaboration at Concenso labs

The name “Consenso” was derived from a Spanish word meaning “consensus.” They started as a blockchain incubator, later branching into solving challenging finance, legal and economic challenges. 

The pandemic outbreak made them go remote with individuals spread across geography. But their teams started to miss out on the casual office chit-chats and watercooler talks. Having understood this, they started using Trivia to connect folks through interactive games and fun-filled quizzes. 

Being a company that breaths Slack for all their communication, Trivia simply made it easier for teams to adopt seamlessly without switching apps. The early signs were clear – their teams wanted more! 

Koshik, Founder of Consenso Labs, revealed:

We built a strong sense of camaraderie on remote teams with Trivia. It helped us build – genuine relationships, trust, feedback, banter, and bonds. These team practices have helped to build our own, high performing remote teams.

During one such occasion when they played “Gotcha!”, one particular member fooled the entire workforce with his witty answers. No one expected this sweet twist in the tale until they finished playing. The post-game banter was so much fun and engaging. 

“Trivia exactly showed us what we were missing. It gave us a reason to catch up regularly. We got back the nostalgic office banters, fun chats, and collaboration. Today there is the only app we are thankful for making it possible – Trivia”. 

Trivia at Consense Labs

As a result, Trivia engages with one of the top fast-growing start-ups in India, making it even more lovable when it comes to your team’s camaraderie and fun. 

Our Take

We at Trivia understand, successful onboarding not only signifies a great beginning but paves a clear path for employees strategically. 

Even in these unprecedented times, the transformation to remote work shouldn’t prohibit employees from staying connected.

By implementing new practices to support the remote working model, employers will make themselves more attractive to prospective employees while maintaining business continuity. And Trivia exactly ensures it at its best!

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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