What is leave management

What is leave management and how does it help us?

All of us at work need a break as it helps employees to rejuvenate, tackle burnout, attend to their personal issues, keep their health in check, or simply relax. 

An article suggests that taking annual leaves boosts productivity by 40% and reduces sick leaves by 28%. Leaves have been said to improve performance, creativity and mental health

Maintaining the records of employees amidst different leave categories gets mundane and difficult. Hence, a proper leave management system is required which helps to keep tabs on employees’ leave pattern, automate paperwork, and helps the company to understand the guidelines and policies on leaves. 

What is a leave management system?

A leave management system helps automate the leave request process and streamlines it for employees and managers. It reduces discrepancies that arise while doing the process manually. Additionally, the system increases transparency in leave policies and helps employees to track their leave balances. It’s hassle-free and it ensures uninterrupted workflow through proper planning, documentation and approvals. 
Studies across companies revealed that 77% of employees expect easier ways to complete routine tasks. Hence, an automated tool will be beneficial to organizations.

What are the leave categories that most companies have?

  • National Holidays
  • Floater leaves 
  • Sick leaves 
  • Casual leaves
  • Bereavement leave 
  • Marriage leave 
  • Comp-offs 
  • Unpaid leave 
  • Maternity leaves

How to automate leave management?

As soon as the HR team devises a leave policy and establishes leave categories, it can be fed into the HRMS tool. It will help in regulating and effectively structuring the process. This will eliminate human errors and allow the managers and HR to track the employee leave cycle. By automating the leave process, the companies can comply with the regulations and lead to well-informed decisions.

How does Springworks automate leave management?

At Springworks, we use Keka to automate our leave cycle. The leave module enables employees to schedule and plan their leaves ahead. The interface of Keka is handy as the employee can apply for leave with a click of a few buttons. It helps us in the following ways.

All in one tab 

It helps the employee to view his/her leave balance, national holidays, floater leaves, and raise a leave request. While applying for leave, it also helps the employee to understand the leave requests raised by the team members. This helps the team to plan their work schedule and leads to easier integration with payroll alongside tracking leaves with ease. 

Leave Categories 

It helped the HR team devise a leave policy template and come up with different leave categories that will boost employee wellness. We were also able to establish floater leaves where employees from diverse cultures can celebrate their festivals. The Keka portal allows one to add different leave types and customize the field that fits our organization’s policies. 

Fosters better communication 

It helps us to be transparent with our employees. Keka helps us to update the employees on the leave policies and how to apply for leaves. This helps us in fostering unhindered communication at work and also allows us to maintain a culture of self-accountability

Reduces administrative burden 

Employees don’t have to depend on HR for any queries related to leaves. Keka contains all the necessary information and reduces administrative work. The interface is simple and it is easy to access data anytime and anywhere.

This management tool helps us to foster an inclusive work culture where we are able to prioritize our employees and keep them happy. Keka streamlines our operations and serves as a strategic tool that helps us to track and monitor reports and records generated on leaves. 


By using Keka, we are able to enhance the productivity and wellness of our employees as it fosters better work-life balance.

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Megha K

I am an HR executive at Springworks. I curate employee stories and strive towards better work culture

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