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Comparing Bonusly Pricing and Features: Here are the Top 4 Alternatives


You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” ~ Jim Stovall

This is exactly what employee recognition is all about. But the perspective towards the concept and its necessity has been broadened. There are plenty of elements added to it. To name a few ~ monetary vs non-monetary, 360-degree feedback, employees to organization and vice versa, and more.

These may look small but are crucial aspects of an employee recognition program which cannot be avoided. Hence, it is necessary to choose an employee recognition tool that covers it all for you. There are plenty of employee recognition tools available in the market, but which one to choose?

The goal might be the same, but the methods can be way different. For instance, Bonusly App is a tool that caters to employee recognition, but there are plenty of other tools as well. It is natural that there are certain elements which make each tool standout in one way or another. 

We’ve created an exhaustive list of alternatives to Bonusly, to help you figure out which employee recognition tool is best suited for your recognition journey.


Before anything, the very first and the most significant difference that EngageWith holds true to  is its ‘Culture Building DNA’. 

EngageWith goes beyond just giving recognitions, sending pulse, and analyzing eNPS. It focuses on picking the ecosystem of the organization’s culture and values, and building it in an altogether new pattern.

It dives a lot deeper into your company’s ecosystem with the aim of building a sustainable culture for the employees, but in a nonconventional way.

Here’s how EngageWith helps in building R&R system of your organization:

Their Extended Support

If you think it is one of those organizations that will move on once they onboard EngageWith in your organization, here’s a surprise. 

This is how EngageWith helps post the onboarding process:

  1. They create a single place for all discussions and queries around EngageWith on Slack or MS Teams named #channel.
  2. The next step is to add all the important people around this process (CEO, HR professionals, Managers, etc. of both the parties)

Here’s when the process starts. 

  1. EngageWith helps with customized, specifically tailored ideas for building the company culture and sustaining it in the long run.
  2. Discuss HR-related challenges, and send certain HR tips in the channel.
  3. Resolve any issues the company faces while using the product.
  4. Build the features according to the requirements of the company.

EngageWith features that organizations love

  1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition ~ Did your peer help you in a task? Did they do a very nice job in handling a Lead? Reward and recognize your peers for all their big and small achievements / contributions. Each kudos adds 20 points (100rs) and each shoutout adds 200 points (INR 1000) to their wallet.
  1. Social Recognition: Recognition is more valued when done publicly. It acts as a motivator to other employees and makes the recognized employee feel valued.
  1. Company Values: Each kudos / shoutout is integrated with your company value that they followed. This also helps in aligning individual goals with the organization’s same.
  1. Birthday / Work-anniversary reminders: Congratulate employees on their special occasions + with fun GIFs.
  1. Reward Redemption: With the points you receive through EngageWith, get ready to splurge yourself and buy things from 100+  brands. After all, you earned it!
  1. Weekly Leaderboards: Keep an eye on the leaderboard to know where you stand, and show your best to go higher.
  1. Pulse Surveys (anonymous & non-anonymous): No more hectic Google forms, EngageWith pulse helps you run easy surveys to take employee feedback for anything you need. It can be both anonymous and non-anonymous.
  1. Finding your eNPS: Send out a quick eNPS pulse to gather feedback on your organization’s health and act on the areas of improvements.
Instant Kudos to Co-Workers through EngageWith

EngageWith Pricing

Standard: $4/user/month or $3/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: Price on contact

View the pricing in detail here.


Lattice software takes the approach of integrating the performance metrics with the employee engagement data that they gather through pulse feedback. 

Their focus is to improve the employee experience and the overall cultural idea of the organization with this data ~ in brief, it gives effective insights to three different factors: engagement, onboarding, retention.

Lattice app brings the HR and People Ops team some ease of collecting the data around these factors and bringing in accurate results. Additionally, Lattice integrations include Slack, MS Teams, BambooHR, and more.

Lattice Features

Features for the Lattice software includes:

  1. Performance Management ~ feedback cycles, both project-specific and 360-degree. It supports peer feedback, helps everyone track employees’ accomplishments. 
  1. OKRs and Goals ~ connects employees’ individual achievements with the overall success of the organizational goals.
  1. Employee development ~ clear portrayal of company expectations, and makes them aware of their organization’s growth.
  1. Pulse surveys ~ receive feedback from employees to gain proper insights and act on it.
  1. People insights ~ focus on advanced people analytics to gain actionable ideas.
  1. Compensation ~ find your top performers and reward them for their contributions.
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Lattice Pricing

Comparing to Bonusly pricing, Lattice prices for its monthly package is:

Performance Management + OKRs & Goal – $11 person / month

Engagement – + $4 person / month

Grow – + $4 person / month

Compensation – +$6 person/ month


Empuls is the modern SaaS tool that primarily focuses on helping employees and organizations to connect with each other.

It creates a better understanding by aligning the organization’s values with employee expectations. Additionally, it helps in collecting necessary feedback from the employees and truly implementing steps to create an engaged workspace.

This tool celebrates daily contributions and automating HR processes.

Empuls Use-Cases revolve around:

  1. Employee communication
  2. Employee recognition
  3. Employee surveys
  4. Employee rewards
  5. Perks and discounts
  6. People Analytics
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Empuls Pricing 


Starter : INR 80 per employee, per month

Proficient : INR 240 per employee, per month

Enterprise : Custom (Bulk pricing) 

Kudos App

It is a cloud-based employee recognition tool + mobile application. Their aim is to improve employee engagement, enhance the overall employee productivity, and build high-performing teams.

Kudos Use-Cases revolve around:

  1. Levels of recognition
  2. Awards and nominations
  3. Points and rewards
  4. Employee milestones
  5. Culture and People Analytics
  6. Core Values Alignment
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Kudos Pricing

Varies based on the requirements and the number of employees.

Bonusly App

Now the question you must be having is, how do I compare without knowing more about Bonusly? 

We’ve got you covered! Bonusly app help boost your employee engagement through a recognition structure. Bonusly integrations include platforms like Slack, MS Teams, Google chat, and more.

It focuses on public recognition to improve productivity of employees through monetary rewards.

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Bonusly Pricing

Basic: $2.70

Pro: $4.50

Enterprise: Price on contact

So many details might be confusing. Hence, here’s a comparison sheet for all tools to help you make easy decisions.


Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Social Recognition
Company Values
Social Birthday Reminders
Social Work Anniversary Reminders
Reward Redemption
Weekly Leaderboards
Pulse Survey


Customer SupportEngageWithKudosLatticeBonuslyEmpuls
Dedicated Account Manager(only in Enterprise)
24×7 Live Chat/Phone Support
Shared Slack connect channel for Slack users
Assisted Onboarding(only in Enterprise)
Customized Solutions(only in Enterprise)
Knowledge Base/Support Articles
Video Tutorials


Microsoft Teams
BasicForever Free <35Custom$9/user/month$2.70INR 80
Pro$4/user/monthCustom$12/user/month$4.50INR 240
EnterprisePrice on contactPrice on contactPrice on contactPrice on contactPrice on contact

Your organization’s R&R program is only going to be more and more enhanced if you pick the correct tool for the same.

When boiled down to features, EngageWith is the one tool that’s creating a major difference here. It offers all the features that Bonusly offers, and at a lower price for the same. EngageWith goes a step ahead to also focus on the fact that offering support to clients goes beyond simply onboarding the tool. It requires top-notch facilitation, onboarding and EngageWith offers that through a dedicated account manager, 24*7 live chat support, customized solutions + ideas, and video tutorials.

Dhristi Shah

I am an Associate Content Marketer at Springworks. I love writing new content that relates to and helps you all (aka my readers).

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