SpringRole Partners with Lumeos

SpringRole has partnered with Lumeos to further its goal of providing professional identity verification on the blockchain. The company’s attestation protocol will verify the skills of poll participants in the Lumeos marketplace. This important feature will break down poll results by area of expertise, making the data much more valuable to advertisers. Thanks to SpringRole, Lumeos will be able to weight the value of each poll participant depending on how relevant their submitted information is. Likewise, users will be rewarded proportionally when their data is purchased.

About Lumeos

Lumeos is a decentralized data marketplace. It uses blockchain technology to enable users to sell their information securely, giving them full control of how it is shared and monetized online. On Lumeos, anybody can earn LUME tokens by answering polls and providing demographic information that is sold to advertisers. The platform’s robust peer-to-peer protocol was built by engineers with experience at top technology companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Uber.

Kartik on Lumeos

“A decentralized data marketplace is one of the many ways blockchain can put individuals in charge of their online identities. Everyone at SpringRole is very excited that our protocol can add value to a project that is doing that. We can’t wait to see where Lumeos takes this next.”

Kartik Mandaville, CEO of SpringRole

Ali on SpringRole

“We are excited to work with SpringRole! Having the ability to verify our communities’ expertise by skill is huge to making the data more attractive to advertisers. Lumeos users will be able to verify their professional background, making their poll input a lot more valuable.”

Ali Ayyash, CEO of Lumeos

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