SpringRole Product Update — Feb 2019

The shortest month of the year had a lot in store for us at SpringRole as we continued on our journey into building the professional profile of the future. Let’s have a look at what we did in the month of February.

Customize your profile

Now your SpringRole profile can be unique and special — we added the ability to include snippets from other platforms onto your SpringRole profile. We’ve launched with some of the most commonly-used platforms — GitHub, Dribble, Twitter, Medium etc. These customizations can be added as profile modules and we also highlight stats that we pick up from these platforms.

Customized profile sections for Twitter and Medium

If you’ve ever seen the resume of a designer you’d know that while their CV and work experience are important, it is equally important that you evaluate their designs and previous projects they have executed. This would end up with you looking at their Behance and Dribble profiles. If it is such an important part of their professional profile, shouldn’t it be all there in one place ? The SpringRole profile aims to be exactly that — taking in together your work experience and profiles from other platforms. Combining these with verifications is going be a powerful digital identity of your professional self.

Improvements to messaging

We’ve made it easier to see message requests and when they expire. We have also brought a lot more clarity to message actions. Now you will be able to clearly note what action you took with a message request as well as the tokens spent and refunded in a particular message request.

Blockchain User Experience

The User Experience of a product built on the blockchain is rapidly evolving. At SpringRole, we’ve paid attention to ensure that even users unfamiliar with blockchain feel more at ease while interacting with it. We’ve made changes to the options we show to the user while writing to the blockchain. We’ve also simplified the language to make it easier to understand. This is always going to be a work in progress but with every update, we inch closer to making the blockchain experience seamless.

Asking users the option between going with defaults or advanced options


The backbone of any network is the ability to search. We’ve launched full-page search results. Now you can search and filter between profiles and companies on SpringRole.

Full page search results

Moving off beta

SpringRole finally goes live!! We are no longer on https://beta.springrole.com (still works though) — this is a big step for us as we move towards maturity as a platform. Now https://springrole.com functions as the product page when you are logged out and https://springrole.com takes you to your profile while you are logged in.

Our new homepage for SpringRole

February has been a great month for us and we’ve been able to push out a ton of features. Things are looking exciting at SpringRole and next month you will be able to see us March (pun intended 😛) ahead with the release of more features.

Springworks Team

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