Life as an intern | Piyush Bhojwani

Life as an intern at Springworks | Piyush Bhojwani

We started a series where we talk to our interns at SpringRole to understand how it is like to work here. We discuss their ambitions and thoughts about technology.

The brief talk aimed at understanding the kind of fun the interns have and the pace at which they learn. This made me wish I had a similar internship opportunity at the start of my career.

In the series, we have discussed life and internship with Yashasvi Chaudhary, and Pragyan Dalmia.

In this third post, we speak with Piyush Bhojwani. Piyush hails from Agra and is studying Information Technology at Manipal University Jaipur. Machine learning, Deep Learning, and AI are some of the areas he would talk about when asked about technology.

“Agra is a small town compared to Bengaluru. The journey from Agra to Bengaluru was an interesting one. I have been moving places in search of a better education. Moving to Manipal University in Jaipur helped in leaps and bounds. Bengaluru is no different. I have learned a lot here. Its education you see!” — Piyush on traveling to Bengaluru.

Piyush is a hardcore cricket fan and could have very well been a cricketer. He played cricket on a district level.

“If not for an injury and technology, I would have been playing cricket on a professional level.” — Piyush with a smile on his face

How was your time at SpringRole?

I have to say that the time at SpringRole has been nothing less than a blast. I learned a lot in terms of technologies, explored a city called Bengaluru, and made friends.

The culture I experienced here has been nothing short of amazement. The basic fact that you could do whatever you want and that there are no restrictions whatsoever is something which got some time getting used to.

“Flexible work timings have to be the best thing about working here. I can come in by ay time I want and work till any time I want. There are no prescribed working hours. Healthy food has to be a close second. We are, on our onboarding cake cutting, asked our favorite healthy and unhealthy food. Yeah, that is a thing here.” — Piyush when asked what he liked the most about SpringRole

Bhaiyaji has been a great help throughout the journey, almost in every aspect, from finding a stay to knowing where the free lunches are served.

“And of course, Kartik! Initially, I was scared and was not sure how to approach him or talk to him. The idea of talking to a company CEO scared me. But a single conversation with him was enough for me to understand that there is nothing to be scared of. And that he is approachable for anything at all.

“If given an opportunity I would like to have a 6 months internship in my 4th year as well.”

Describe the projects you worked on at SpringRole.

I worked on Resume Parser as it involves natural language processing and is a part of deep learning. I found it quite interesting. I hadn’t worked on it before, and it was an excellent opportunity for me to learn and try my hand.

It is interesting and I would like to pursue it further in the future. I worked on it for about 6 weeks. During the time with the project, I got a detailed understanding of using technologies like Blockchain, Google Clouds, and Docker.

I also worked on the active crime monitoring project of SpringVerify, where I had to build a system that monitored court cases on candidates.

What do you want to do after your degree?

“I want to pursue AI as a major field of study going forward. I am looking to get some industry experience in Deep Learning and Neural Networks and in the future would like to obtain an MS in the field.”

I feel that AI is the future, not news by any stretch. But, understand that we are as far away from a realized AI as possible. I want to be a part of it.

Why a startup, and why not any other company?

There is a better opportunity in a startup to build things. The responsibility is huge, and with it, the learning is fantastic. I was very keen on learning, and I understood that a startup could only deliver that to me.

Big organizations fail to provide a position where I could learn as much.

How do you imagine yourself five years from now?

“I would be researching AI in one of the premier institutions in the world with preferably a hot chocolate cup in my hand.”

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