SpringRole Product Update — Jan 2019

The New Year ushers in newfound enthusiasm and promise and this is reflected in our product as well. January 2019 has been a busy month for us — let’s have a look at what’s changed at SpringRole.

Withdrawal of Tokens:

With our TGE behind us and SPRING tokens now live, we wanted to integrate this with our product as soon as possible. Now you can withdraw the tokens that you have gained from referrals and message request. We have long believed that the token economics of SpringRole can be a game changer for the entire industry and set a trend of seeing dApps using the utility token on all the aspects of the platform. Withdrawing tokens from your SpringRole profile to your wallet is an important step in ensuring the fairness and usefulness of the token. We are also looking to add token deposits in the near future and on adding liquidity through 0x relayers.

While you are at it, also check out our newly enhanced token page where we show exactly how you gained and spent tokens on the platform.

Our new token summary page

Add Notes:

Ever met someone at a conference and added them on social media only to realize a year later that you have no clue of how you met? Our new Notes feature is designed exactly for that use case — to take notes on the people whom you know or meet. Find someone’s SpringRole profile and click on “Add Notes” — you can write important information about the person you want to remember.

Your notes always stay private and can only be read by you. We are very excited to have used Blockstacks’ decentralized storage (Gaia) to make sure the notes are saved in a decentralized manner — anything you write is owned by you and no one else has access to it.

Announcing the Add Notes feature to our users.

Nudge users to complete profile:

We think that having enriched and completed user profiles is the key for any platform to flourish. In SpringRole, we’ve added an elegant progress bar and prompts for users to complete their profiles. We believe this will help in increasing the number of meaningful profiles in SpringRole. It also gives us the chance to talk directly to our users and explain to them how filling your profile is an important prerequisite to having a verified professional profile online.

Prompting our users for verifying their first work experience

As you can see, we’ve had a busy month here at SpringRole — being a product and #BUIDL first company, we are very excited to roll out new features and let our users get more value from SpringRole. We also are focusing on improving our user experience and that is something you will see in the coming months.

Lastly, a professional profile platform can only succeed with the support of its users — do let us know about your thoughts on SpringRole and what you think the professional network of the future should look like.

See you in a month’s time!

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