SpringRole Product Update — March 2019

March was a great month for SpringRole as we continue to get stuff done and roll out more features we think will excite our users. Let’s get right to it.

1. On-boarding revamp

The first touch point for any platform is really important and the on-boarding experience is often a make or break when it comes to the perception people have of your product.

We overhauled the entire on-boarding process and are proud to release a newer, more intuitive approach to creating your professional profile.

Head over to https://springrole.com/login to give it a spin.

One of the screens of the new user on-boarding experience

We created the new on-boarding in React.js and are going to be extensively using it for upcoming features. React.js reduces our development time in the long run and helps us provide a seamless user experience.

2. Global search

Knowing more about the people who you have just connected with is something we all want to do. You now have this ability on the SpringRole platform. You can search for people (even outside the SpringRole network) and you will get profile information about the person on-the-fly.

What’s more? You can leave notes on these profiles and jot down information you want to remember about the person. Effective networking is an important part of our professional life and this new SpringRole feature should make it a lot easier.

3. Scores for Profile Section

Profile sections let you showcase your progress on other platforms like Github, Behance etc. However, evaluating someone’s profile to get a sense of their capabilities is not an easy task.

On SpringRole, each profile sections come with their own score that lets you see how the profiles rank and presents a score for objective assessment.

We maintain this score internally but we encourage you to make suggestions on how it can be improved.

4. Quora profile section

Have you spent hours (or even days) answering questions on Quora? Now you can show it off on your SpringRole profile. See interesting stats like ‘Answer views’, and number of questions answered and asked, along with the number of followers.

Quora module

March has been an eventful month for us and we continue to make SpringRole a pioneer in building a consumer facing blockchain product. Stay tuned for our updates for the month of April and we hope you give SpringRole a try. 🙂

Springworks Team

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