SpringRole Partners with Deconet

We are pleased to announce that SpringRole will be partnering with Deconet.

What is Deconet?

Deconet is building a framework for developers to buy and sell software licences and APIs, and for companies to host product development contests. Their aim is to build the infrastructure so that the world can have a software development network, where everyone works for themselves and where open source work can be financially viable.

SpringRole and Deconet

SpringRole profiles will be integrated into Deconet, and by doing so, users can ensure that they know what the sellers of the code they’re buying have built and done in the past. This will increase trust and the chances that a transaction will go through. Deconet will also be able to attest that a given developer is the owner, seller or maintainer of a software project.

With the number of developers growing, the combination of SpringRole and Deconet will ensure that they can trust each other’s experience as they collaborate on software in a truly open way.

Kartik on Deconet

“As a developer myself, I feel an immense pride in being able to contribute in my way to Deconet’s platform for developers. The issue that Deconet is solving is a genuine one, and with SpringRole’s support I believe that Deconet’s marketplace will be made far more reliable and trustworthy — in turn creating a more genuine platform for developers.”—Kartik, CEO SpringRole

Deconet on SpringRole

“By integrating SpringRole profiles into Deconet, users can ensure they know what sellers of code have built and done in the past, increasing trust and likelihood of a transaction. We’re thrilled to partner with SpringRole and make our network more reliable.”—David Sneider, CEO Deconet

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