Speaking at Block2TheFuture 2018 in San Francisco

Block2TheFuture is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year within the crypto industry, and it attracts blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, specialists, investors, and individuals with a general interest in the space. It was held on the 4, 5 and 6 April this year, and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend it as one of the 100+ speakers, representing SpringRole.

During my talk at Block2TheFuture

My presentation was about 10 minutes long and was primarily about explaining what SpringRole is, and how we are solving problems within the recruitment and hiring industry using the blockchain.

It was very humbling to see everyone’s support during my presentation. More specifically, people appreciated the fact that we had a live product on the ethereum main-net — since not many have achieved that feat. At the same time, there was strong appreciation for the fact that we are solving a problem that truly requires the blockchain.

One thing that separated us from most others in the space was that ours is not a new company. We started in 2014 and we have real revenue and customer testimonials. This was noticed and was well-received by the members of the audience as well.

People curious about SpringRole

There was always a lot of activity around the SpringRole booth as well! We had flyers, keychains, stickers and a standee—and more importantly lots of curious people coming and saying hello!

It was an incredible amount of fun and very exciting to talk to people interested in what we are doing.

The conference was filled with talented individuals, and many of the presentations really stood out to me. It was inspiring to see so many using blockchain technology to solve a wide variety of problems. I met many interesting individuals, but there were two incidents that I felt were the most impactful.

The first was meeting the WorkCoin team. For those unaware, we are partnering with them, and it was very interesting to speak to the team! The second one was meeting the co-founder of Wikipedia. It was an incredible experience to meet someone who’s had a hand in developing one of the most impactful websites of the 21st century.

The USS Hornet — The venue of Block2TheFuture 2018

Did I mention that the conference was held on a warship? The USS Hornet was the venue of Block2TheFuture 2018. That contributed to it being one of the most memorable conferences that I’ve ever attended.

San Francisco was as lovely as ever. The weather was around a cool 15ºC on most days during my stay there, which made it quite pleasant. Definitely unlike Shiv’s experience in Berlin in March!

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