Partnering with Lucidity to Run Blockchain-Verified Ads

Recently, we partnered with Lucidity to run blockchain-verified ads about SpringRole. It was a very effective way for us to advertise!

What is Lucidity?

Blockchain technology allows Lucidity to verify the ads that they deliver. In an ecosystem where data discrepancies cost hundreds of people hours and fraud is unchecked, blockchain ensures that the ads that they deliver hit their mark, free of discrepancies and fraud.

Lucidity verifies marketing analytics on the Ethereum blockchain so that the advertising industry can finally transact with trust. The Lucidity protocol uses smart contracts to track, verify and reach consensus on all advertising data for all members of the ecosystem.

Learn more on their website.

Lucidity and SpringRole—The Campaign on the Blockchain

In order to bring about better awareness to our product and vision, we teamed up with Lucidity to run blockchain verified ads. Just like SpringRole’s platform allows organizations to prove the quality of their candidates, Lucidity’s platform allows advertisers to prove the value of their marketing campaigns.

Lucidity set up an ad campaign that targeted technology affiliated individuals in India and directed them to our Telegram account.

The Results

Lucidity trafficked a number of display ad flights all through their blockchain ad verification and delivery platform. As each ad was trafficked, it was also tracked and verified with the blockchain to ensure ultimate impression quality and transparency.

This resulted in an overall 2.42% CTR (click through rate)!

Kartik on Lucidity

“Allowing professionals to connect and interact with trust and transparency is at the core of what we do at SpringRole. That’s why our referral program was so important to our business, as it allowed us to grow our decentralized professional network. We could not be more impressed with the results from Lucidity, who advertised our referral program. Almost overnight, our Telegram channel more than doubled and our website traffic grew considerably.”—Kartik, CEO SpringRole

Lucidity on SpringRole

“We’ve been itching to get more customers into our platform to run campaigns and battle test our product. Verifying performance metrics on the blockchain hasn’t really been done before, so to be able to see that data filter through our system was really amazing. Big thanks to SpringRole for being an outstanding partner.”—Sam Kim, CEO Lucidity

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