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Three weeks ago I started pitching investors, I did a road show with Block2TheFuture in San Francisco, a launch party in SF and the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai. Everyone loved the idea of having a decentralized verified professional identity — it solves a real need but the big question that people had was:

“What about traction? You are a technical person — how will you acquire users? Who’s handling your marketing?” Some even went as far as to say that I am more of a CTO and needed to hire a CEO.

Generally, in the crypto world, companies would spend millions of dollars on marketing — just look at the rates that all the vendors currently have. It’s crazy. Being a profitable company with some initial seed investors, cash wasn’t an issue, but coming from a baniya (frugal) background, I was definitely not going to throw away our hard earned profits on marketing agencies just because everyone else was doing it.

So I went back to the drawing board and used my core strength (technology) to figure out a solution. Just a week later, here we are:

We grew from ~1600 members on our Telegram group to 22,800+ in less than 7 days.

Our email subscription grew from ~2000 subscribers to 28,000+ in the same time frame.

2250+ users have created their unique vanity URL on the SpringRole beta.

My team and I went into a conference room and started sketching out a mathematical (i.e. gamified) way to growth-hack our way here through a referral campaign.

Technology has already changed the world and will keep revolutionizing it. Technologists are the new scientists. You are either part of the revolution or you are left wondering “what the heck is happening?!”

So, are you going to be a part of my journey?

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