Engage beyond your screen. Foster meaningful connections.

Introduce teammates 1v1, skip the tension of awkward small talk and spark casual conversations - wherever you are.

400,000+ employees from 10,000+ organizations across the globe rely on Trivia for team bonding


What is

Just like in-office coffee rituals do more than keep you caffeinated, VirtualCoffee
helps you recreate that coffee culture irrespective of your geography.

  • Enable VirtualCoffee in a channel inside Slack
  • Add people to this channel. Once done, Trivia automatically introduces colleagues and prompts them to get to know each other better
  • With conversation starters, encourage virtual catch-ups or even better - help them get on a call. This repeats every 2/4/12 weeks

Introducing people has never been easier

Three simple steps to get started

Pair-up individuals 1v1

Trivia will select people from your Intro channel and will send a DM encouraging them to meet up for lunch, snacks or even a virtual coffee!

Facilitate cross-team connections

Break silos and spark conversations across distances or departments. Build trust and up the fun factor every time you catch up with peers.

Watch your connections grow

Discover new things such as shared interests, hobbies and more. Make getting to know each other fun and foster meaningful connections.


Introduce teammates. Connect your people.

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