SpringRole Partners with Teachur

We are proud to announce that SpringRole will be partnering with Teachur.

What is Teachur?

Teachur is a straightforward platform that shows you what you need to learn, and verifies your mastery. According to them, education should be available and accessible to every person on Earth. It must be disconnected from geography, schedule, admission, time and age. Educational learning paths should be personalized and as varied and diverse as the students pursuing them. Finally, education should not be at the service of institutions, but at the service of learning.

To achieve their vision, they developed a platform that offers a degree for as low as $1000. On their platform, one can take courses online, and on completing course requirements, even earn a degree.

SpringRole and Teachur

The core of the partnership is stemmed on the fact that both platforms, SpringRole as well as Teachur, propose to document securely verified events, skills and competencies, among other things. While Teachur is built as an educational platform and profile, SpringRole is built as a professional platform and profile.

When students complete courses on Teachur, each objective that the student masters is recorded. The mastery of each objective has been verified on a computer-scored test, and even by an expert in a live video chat exam. SpringRole can capture this mastery, and add it to individuals’ profiles as an attested skill.

Another possible advantage of this partnership would be of Teachur students receiving recommendations of suitable work positions from SpringRole, and for SpringRole users receiving recommendations of suitable courses on Teachur to address desired skills, competencies and mastery for their desired jobs.

Kartik on Teachur

“SpringRole is proud to help contribute to improving the way education is imparted, and in turn help even more individuals have access to it, in the way of Teachur. SpringRole users will have a lot to benefit from this partnership.”—Kartik, CEO SpringRole

Teachur on SpringRole

“Teachur is thrilled to partner with SpringRole. We see complementary interests in documenting verified knowledge and skills, which we believe is a critical need at this moment, and this partnership can set the tone and expectation for individuals, schools, and companies going forward. From Teachur’s perspective, SpringRole is a cutting edge platform that appreciates where education going. It’s a natural fit for our students to transition from their education to their professional profile.”—Ben Blair, Co-founder of Teachur

Find out more information about Teachur and their offerings on their website.

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