Product and Dev Update #4 — April 2018

We have been very busy with our private sale, road show and with building the SPRING protocol. There is a lot to cover in the progress we’ve made from the product and development side, so let’s get right to it.


  • We saw tremendous traction with our referral campaign and we now have over 3500 profile signups till date. It is amazing to see people sign up and take their first step towards having a genuine professional profile online.
  • We’ve already learnt a lot from our beta platform and gives us a lot of clarity on how we want to build a product for the blockchain space — we have reworked the entire flow of the beta website and we believe that it is now much more intuitive and does not overwhelm the user in the beginning with actions that interact with the blockchain (via MetaMask). Instead, we have moved the step of writing to the blockchain, to after the user sees their profile and recognizes the value of their SpringRole profile.
  • We just released our crypto module — because we belong to the crypto world, we wanted to build a feature that resonated with the core segment of our user base. We also discovered that there is no product right now that lets you showcase your support or advisor status with any of the blockchain or crypto projects. We believe that your professional identity should include all the facets of your life that you think are important, and the crypto module empowers you to do exactly that.
A screenshot of our crypto module.
  • Having a profile that is customizable is at the core of how SpringRole wants to change online professional identity — people are multifaceted and having a one size fits all approach to online identity often leaves out more than what you want to show.
    We approach this with the concept of modules — your profile can have many modules, each representing a side of your professional profile that you want to showcase.
  • We are also reworking our mobile experience — 35% of our users are on mobile devices and it made sense to make sure they have a SpringRole experience that is tailor-made for them.
A sneak preview into our new mobile experience.

What next?

The next step is verifying advisors on the blockchain and solving the problem of fake advisors. Since ICO projects are trying to promote trust and advisors are successful professionals, it makes logical sense for SpringRole to solve this issue.

SpringRole is going through an exciting phase and you shall see a lot more feature in coming weeks. As we continue to learn, evolve and figure out how to build for a blockchain world, you can rest assured that these updates will continue to tell the SpringRole journey from a product perspective.

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