Product and Dev update #3–19th Feb 2018.

Since the last update that we shared with you, a whole bunch of things have happened from our side and we’ve made some big leaps in terms of our progress. I can’t wait to share these with you. So let’s get right to it!

The loader that we use on our SpringRole platform.

We successfully launched our SpringRole URL reservation feature on the Ropsten network and got some great traction. It was great to see users navigating the cryptocurrency landscape and doing transactions with tokens. Even though it required extra steps from our users (some of them were not familiar with Ropsten network) it didn’t dull our user’s enthusiasm as they proudly tweeted about having reserved their #backedbyblockchain profile. Keeping handy messages and using simple explainer GIFs really helped in our user experience.

Explainer GIF we used to show how to connect to Ropsten network.

After we were confident of the reserve URL flow, we enhanced the simplistic profile that the users created by giving them the ability to add their skills to the platform. This we thought was the logical next step and gives users a little more information than just their name and profile photo. It gives anyone viewing the profile, a quick way to know about their main areas of interest.

Vinay’s (Head of engineering) profile on SpringRole

We also took a BIG decision while we were rolling out the skills update. We decided that since people were coming to the beta website and reserving their URLs at a more or less steady rate, it was important that we take the big plunge and release the profile reserve feature for the mainnet.

There were some apprehensions as people would now end up using actual ether (but only a few cents worth) and that dynamic gas price changes would make a difference. However, it was heartwarming to see that people were still reserving their profiles at the same rate as before and that led our founder to tweet the following:

Apart from the public facing features, we’ve also put a lot of work to make sure that our QA and developers have a reliable place where they can test out the features. We created a dev site which used a custom testRPC as the blockchain and it really helps everyone see and test the features as they are being developed. It is also tricky to set this up because the dev site needs it’s own set of tokens, airdrops and contract creations. Hats off to Vinay for figuring all of it out!

That brings us to the end of our product update. It’s been an exciting time here at SpringRole and things are moving on at a dizzying pace. We hope you join us for the ride as we make our mark upon the decentralized world.

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Draft White paper: here

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