Product and Dev Update #1–29th Nov, 2017

Welcome to the first Product and Dev update for SpringRole. Things have been moving ahead at a breakneck speed here at SpringRole and I’m pleased to share news about our progress.

Our commitment to the Product-First approach to ICOs is something that we strongly believe in and this update resonates with that spirit.

Our Alpha product’s landing page.


We have launched our alpha on TestRPC and with it comes a whole bunch of learning and understanding of how we can make Web 3.0 Applications. DApps are going to be the norm in the years to come and from a product perspective, it is interesting to balance the technicality of the blockchain and the seamless user experience we have gotten used to while navigating the modern web.

  1. Vanity URL

We are also testing out our promotional feature — to reserve your SpringRole vanity URL. As platforms are a reflection of your identity, our alpha users have expressed their interest to reserve their username on the platform. Once we launch our beta to the public, people would be able to start using the URL as:

The features are up and running on our alpha product and we had Vinay (Head of Engineering) create his own sample token (VIN token) to try this out. VIN token exists on the Ropsten network — which is a shame because I have over 1000 of them in my wallet!

2. Civic Login

We are very happy to announce Civic as a partner of SpringRole. We have already integrated Civic as a login option on our alpha product and it was pretty sweet to use the Civic App to login to the system

3. Request for Endorsement

Our alpha product also now has the end-to-end functionality to request and receive endorsements from people in your network. This is the building block of our product and it’s great to see it work in full force in the alpha product.

SpringRole’s crowd sourcing model to assess skills of an user is a key component of our platform. We will work on refining the experience of this feature in successive iterations.

Product Nuggets

What really amazes me every time I work and think about products is how they evolve over time, if we look at how LinkedIn looked at on Day 1, we can truly appreciate how much the platform has changed from then — however, each change was made gradually and, over time, the platform rose to levels that we are now familiar with.

A similar journey appears to be ahead of SpringRole. While we now have a product that satisfies that basic use cases that we chalked up when we first thought of the idea — we have a long way to go. I’m truly ecstatic to think of the potential of the journey that is ahead of us. To think that the first step in this saga will start off with updates like this is filling me with excitement and enthusiasm.

Until next time..

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Draft Whitepaper: here.

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