Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life Of An Operations Intern 

Meet Meghna, she is from Munger, Bihar. She holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and accountancy from Kolkata University. After which she completed a professional diploma in event management. Meghna started her career as an event manager. Furthermore, she started to work with Startek during the lockdown. At Springworks, she works as an Operations Intern.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

How did you transition from event management to Operations?

Event Management and Operations are completely different. Due to covid, the event management industry suffered severe losses. I wanted to explore something new and look for remote work. That’s when I came across  Startek and I worked there as a senior executive. After a year, I explored more roles and organizations. I read about Springworks and my friend also works here. The transition was tough but since I had experience in remote work things became a bit easier. The Operations role is interesting and the company had great perks and benefits. I still have a lot to learn and still explore. 

What do you do as an Operations Intern at Springworks?

As an operations Intern, I work in the quality check team. I ensure that there are no errors in the documents and data provided by employees and clients. Under quality check, I also look after grammar and typos. This is the last step in the background verification.

What do you like about working at Springworks?

The work culture and flexible working hours are great. The efforts being taken by the team are commendable. Everyone goes above and beyond to help each other and grow. Cultural values just don’t exist in a document, they are implemented in every step. There is a lot of respect and bonding among everyone. Although we work from home, I feel I am at the office because of the communication and collaboration between everyone. This speaks a lot about the culture and work ethics. It’s a dream to be a part of Springworks. 

What has been your favourite project until now?

With every task, a new challenge appears. There have been many instances where things go south or are stationed for a long time. I love every project, task or client I am assigned to. I face stubborn challenges but I also learn new things and overcome them.

What would you say about our Hiring and Onboarding process? 

I loved the onboarding process. It’s well-designed and structured. The candidates are oriented clearly on the process and the entire system is transparent. There is proper feedback and follow-up. The hiring team is proactive and scheduled interviews based on my convenience. I had an assignment which included clear instructions and deadlines. Kudos to the team for introducing buddy and manager meetings. This relieves all the first-day jitters and anxiety. I knew what had to be done on my first day. After my induction meeting, I met my teammates and received my training details. Later in the week, I shadowed a few tasks and work. Receiving Springworks goodies as a part of the welcome kit was great. 

Walk me through a day in the life of Meghna

My day starts at 08:00 am. After I wake up, I get ready and hit the gym. My workout schedule is between 09-10 am every day. Once I am back home, I help my mother in the kitchen and look after things that need to be completed before I start work. I used to work from 10 – 7 earlier but now my work schedule is from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. After work, I discuss my day with my parents and spend some time unwinding. I hit the bed between 12 – 1 a.m. This is what my typical day looks like and sometimes there would be minor changes to the schedule based on work and personal priorities. 

Did you face any challenges with your work? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Every challenge I face adds to my learning. My learning graph has seen a great improvement despite coming from a different work background. There has been a lot of improvement with respect to using excel sheets, understanding grammar and learning different concepts. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the industry. We have clients from different companies, and I do read about them and their work. All of these factors add to my personal development. I want to upscale myself in the Ops role and all this would make me a better Ops lead in the future. 

Among EngageWith and Trivia, which is your personal favourite?

My personal favorite is EngageWith. I loved the entire concept of rewarding someone when they have helped me or they have done something good. We get to recognise and thank someone. It’s a very kind gesture. Whenever I receive EngageWith points, I love redeeming them and buying some time for myself. Hard work truly pays off. 

What do you like the most about your team?

I love our Standup. It’s a great team bonding session. We get to learn new and fun things about our teammates. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging. There is something to learn from everyone. We always have each other’s back.

Sneak-Peek into your life outside Springworks!

My work schedule doesn’t create a forum to do a lot of things on the weekdays. Hence, I use my weekends to the fullest. I spend time with my friends and family. Mostly I use my weekends to rejuvenate and refresh myself. I spend most of my time at the Ganga Ghat. This year I want to visit Bali as I really want to visit Alas Arum Swing and do something adventurous. 

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Megha K

I am an HR executive at Springworks. I curate employee stories and strive towards better work culture

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