Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life Of A QA Engineer

Anusha Bhat is from Bangalore and she has been a part of Springworks for the past 6 years(SpringRole era). She reminisces about those days when she used to commute to the office, connect with colleagues and play foosball and PS4. Remote work was a sudden shift in her work regime but she enjoys it as she gets time to spend with her family and travel. Her journey has been filled with learnings and challenges.

Let’s take a look at her journey as a QA engineer.

Anusha’s journey at Springworks

She was associated with Mindtree via her college placements. A year later, she took a detour into the realm of recruitment, giving her a moment to reflect on her true passions and areas of focus. Back then,  she joined Springworks as a part-time employee and worked on the Wishbone app. She worked for a few months and was moonlighting at other places too. 

Later on, an old college buddy, Bhavesh, who happened to be part of Springworks, gave her a heads-up about a QA testing role within the company. This opportunity resonated with her background in computer science, sparking a keen interest.

Her transition towards QA at Springworks was smoother as she was associated with the company a while ago. Her interview was taken by Tony and she was assessed on skills that one would need to work as a QA Engineer. What set Springworks apart was that it was never just a typical 9-5 job. Team members rolled into the office around 1 p.m., and once the day’s tasks were tackled, they headed home. 

The workplace buzzed with water cooler conversations, impromptu meetings, community initiatives, and festive celebrations. Anusha was part of Plowz and Mowz and she had a lot of US clients and her nights were longer than the days. When it comes to her career trajectory, she has been constantly learning and upskilling herself.

She has been a part of Springworks when we had close to 30 employees and now we are heading towards a 250 mark. A lot of things have changed, starting from our products to processes and she is happy that is a part of this journey and is looking forward to more opportunities. 

What are a few things that Anusha likes about Springworks?

When the lockdown began, there were a lot of things that were uncertain and there were a lot of experiments being made when it comes to work. We also shifted towards remote work and brought in a lot of changes in the way we work. There were companies who couldn’t handle the shift and layoffs were happening.

On the other hand, Springworks, however, proved to be agile and adaptable. Kartik has structured remote work and he never fails to live up to his promises. The company was transitioning towards the shift and getting adjusted to the situation. What made it easier was the approach and process that we had taken. The concept of asynchronous communication, respecting another person’s personal time and the introduction of policies and perks designed to make the transition towards remote work seamless.

The challenges posed by the remote work were met head-on, with the launch of Trivia and EngageWith. Anusha was genuinely impressed with these products, which helped create an office-like environment, even in a remote setting. Despite asynchronous work, everyone remains engaged, and always just a message away.

One standout feature of Springworks is its agility. Over the years, a lot of things have changed and archaic practices and policies are constantly discarded and updated. Her team is very supportive and helps her out every time she feels stuck or overwhelmed. 

Recently, she had to go on maternity leave and her entire team made things easier for her. She has received a lot of support from Kartik and the HR team when it comes to accommodating her leaves and adhering to her queries. People respected and valued her time and there have been no pings or neither she was tagged anywhere on Slack for work. 

She has heard and read about a lot of people facing a lot of challenges when it comes to managing their workload post-maternity. But here, work has been good and she is getting to work on things that are on a lighter end. Flexible working hours help her to spend more time with her baby girl. 

Even before resuming work, she was checked upon by Kartik and he has been very supportive during this period. She is working with the Trivia team and it’s a new project for her where she is learning new things and concepts and testing the features.

Having a flat hierarchy and over-communicating on tasks is something that she finds really cool. Work becomes easier and she can ping anyone including even the stakeholder and her queries get resolved in minutes.

Things she looks forward to at Springworks are the offsites and workation. Whenever she gets the time, she travels with her family and unwinds from work. Offsites have helped her to connect with her team and network across teams. She had a lot of fun at the Bangalore offsite and looks forward to joining the next one.

Springworks has helped her to learn a lot of things and get better at what she does every day.

A Peek into Anusha’s Life Outside Work

Beyond the office, Anusha is a passionate gardener and spends time nurturing them. She’s also an ardent animal lover, ensuring stray dogs are fed and cared for. Whenever the opportunity arises, she travels and explores nearby restaurants with her family.

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