Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life of An Operations Intern 

Hadiqa Syed is from “The Steel City of India”, Jamshedpur. She spent her childhood in Jamshedpur. Her favourite place in Jamshedpur is to visit Bistupur. Later on, she moved to Kolkata to pursue her higher studies. She holds a bachelor’s in business administration from Techno India, Kolkata. At Springworks, she works as an operations intern.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

What do you do as an Operations Intern at Springworks?

As an Operations Intern, I work for SpringVerify. In SpringVerify I work towards address verification. As soon as the HR of the company orients their employees on background verification, the team sends out the verification link. I review the documents and send them a link to verify the address digitally. I call the candidates if the verification is not done on time or if it’s done from a different address. The GPS tracker is useful and helps me to monitor the process.

What made you join Springworks?

After my graduation, I didn’t want to do my master’s immediately. I wanted to explore businesses and their operations. I decided to work and gain some experience. My best friend, Ayshi works at Springworks. She told me about her learning and growth opportunities. I decided to apply for an internship at Springworks. I read about the culture and intern benefits. Everyone had given great reviews. It was a win-win situation for me as I wanted a remote internship and I also had my friend working here. 

What do you like about working at Springworks?

The entire company is very inclusive. As an intern, I am given autonomy and respect. The work culture is great. The core members have set great standards, where everyone is given equal opportunities. My team is very supportive and kind. My internship journey so far has been great. Every day the company comes up with something new, which motivates me to give my best. 

How was your Hiring and Onboarding experience?

The process began through the hiring team. We had a conversation about the interview process and the stipulated time frame. I was given two written assignments. I had to do an assignment on Trello. Later on, I received a call and I was intimated about my interviews. I had two interviews, where I was asked about my interests, achievements, career plans and what can be expected from the internship.

After a few days, I had my buddy and manager meeting. They gave me an orientation about my work. An interesting fact over here is that I started my internship as a Data Entry Intern. After my onboarding, I was trained on the former. Later in the evening, I was told I would be added to the address team. The following week went on my training towards address check. The Onboarding process was great. I received my welcome kit and the induction on Slack and Keka was helpful. 

Walk us through a day in your life, Hadiqa  

I wake up at 08:30 a.m. and prepare myself for work. Then, I start my work at 09:30 a.m. Firstly, I look at my work schedule and prioritize them. Then, I have my standup call with my team. It’s my favorite activity of the day. We discussed everything but work. It is more of a team bonding session. It helps me understand my team and pumps us for work. Every day, one person from the Ops team gets to run the standup. Then, I get back to work and I break my 1-hour break into 20 mins recess. I complete my work at 07:00 p.m. and it may exceed a bit if I have targets to reach. I have my dinner and watch shows on Netflix. Although I try to do something productive after work, I end up on Netflix xD. 

What is your favorite among the two products, EngageWith and Trivia?

EngageWith and Trivia are fun and interesting. Any time I have a bad day, a notification from EnagaeWith just makes my day better. Trivia is challenging and I have started to play the games being launched on the #fun channel. I can’t really pick one 🙂 

What are your takeaways and challenges from work?

On the personal front, I have learnt how to communicate and transition from being an introvert to an ambivert. It has really helped me when I make client calls. The tasks and work made me understand the features and shortcuts of Google docs and MS Office. Teamwork is a key facet of my learning. I brainstorm with my teams, resolve queries and help each other out. The qualities of my team help me in my overall development. Every day, I learn new things personally and professionally. 

What is your career goal?

I haven’t given a lot of thought towards my career. Right now, I enjoy what I do. So maybe for the next few years, I would stick towards business operations and then plan something ahead. I don’t want to be a “Jack of all trades” but rather focus on one aspect. Irrespective of what path I choose, I really want to become a screenplay writer. I really love writing and imagining plots and concepts. 

Sneak -Peek into your life outside Springworks!

When you don’t see me working, I am found watching “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Good Doctor”.Over the weekends, I bond with my family and I visit Bistupur to shop. I catch up with my friends and I read books. Currently, I am reading “ Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak. During my undergrad, I was supposed to visit France as a part of my exchange program. The program was cancelled to Covid. Therefore, I would like to explore France and the United Kingdom next year.

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