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Life at Springworks: A day in the life of a Content Marketer

Janhavi joined Springworks in October 2022, and she hails from New Delhi. She completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce from Gargi College, Delhi University. While preparing herself for competitive exams she also worked alongside her father amidst the pandemic. She has worked with 30+ NGOs during the last 5 years, still using her weekends to visit one. Janhavi wanted to explore the startup ecosystem and had worked for Threedots, a social investing platform as their first HR and People Person. Her experience made her realize that she was more inclined towards marketing, social media and content writing.

Her professional path had an interesting take of turns. Let’s take a look at her life as a content marketer at Springworks!

What do you do as a content marketer at Springworks?

As a content marketer, my main task is to build an independent HR and People Ops newsletter.  It involves content, distribution and all operations. Furthermore, I am exploring podcasts and other content streams.

What is your favourite thing about Springworks?

There are many things I like at Springworks. But a few things that really stood out for me are its culture and the hiring process. In the era where candidates are ghosted and left hanging, a cold DM to Kartik helped me get work. The hiring process is swift. I absolutely love the culture at Springworks. It’s really transparent and gives one the flexibility to learn and grow. It not only helps you gain ownership but allows you to take risks. The opportunity to articulate your thoughts and agree to disagree with opinions is definitely a cherry on the cake.

Walk us through a day in the life of Janhavi

My day starts around 10-10:30 am. I make a mental note of what I have to get done for the day. I know most of us have daily plans, but I go with a weekly schedule. A snippet into my week. 

  • Monday: I spend most of my day researching topics and scheduling interviews for the next two days.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: I schedule calls with at least 3- 4 people and do further research to gain better insights. I start writing the newsletter by Wednesday evening.
  • Thursday and Friday: These two days are very crucial for me. I make the necessary edits to the newsletters and work on the operations aspect of it. On Friday, the newsletter goes live.
    I have now started to record videos of the interviews, let’s see how that turns out.
  • I log off from work close to 7:30 pm and go to the gym.

What is your favourite product among EngageWith and Trivia?

It has to be EngageWith. The product is something that I had never heard of. It is something new and interesting. It creates a positive environment as the platform allows one to appreciate and recognize others. It’s like karma points. Everybody is so appreciative of each other, it’s like having a cheerleading team of your own.

How has your learning curve been as a part of Springworks?

My learning curve has been increasing exponentially. I am learning a lot of new things, and I also get to explore domains that interest me. I do come up with silly doubts and I also tend to over-communicate things. But people here go out of their way to help me. 

What do you think are the ways one can connect with others in the company?

Initially, I started networking on Twitter. I used to follow people from Springworks and see the work they do. Once I joined the company, I posted my LinkedIn profile and connected with others. The marketing team has informal meets every alternate Friday, so we play games and talk. It has helped all of us know each other better.

There are many who want to get into content writing and marketing. According to you, where should one start?

I didn’t know where to start, either. All I knew was, I did not want to continue as an HR and get into content marketing. We all have the resources available at the click of a button. I have learnt everything from the internet.

 One needs to do smart work and decide what niche to pick up. Don’t have any preconceived notions about your writing skills. Just start writing and post it on Instagram, LinkedIn, a blog or Twitter, In addition, you can use schedule Facebook posts for scheduling your content. It doesn’t have to be pertaining to a topic, one can start with storytelling, observations and rants. Build an audience for yourself, and take continuous feedback, talk to people and learn.

Sneak-peek into your life outside Springworks!

When I am not making extensive to-do lists, I am found tweeting everything on my mind, learning new things, reading newsletters and overstimulating my brain with information. I hit the gym 5x every week and try to have a healthy lifestyle. Usually, I hang out with friends over the weekend, visit an NGO or just laze around.  

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