AI in talent acquisition

How to Use AI in Talent Acquisition: Digital HR Transformation

AI has made headlines for the last few years and it’s here to make an impact. But what does exactly that mean for HR professionals and recruiters?

While adopting artificial intelligence has benefits of its own, the organizations that are the real head-turners are those that have integrated artificial intelligence in the very cores of their business.

HR professionals said talent acquisition is one of the most important areas where AI will play a role over the next few years.

In this article, you’ll see the use of Artificial Intelligence in talent acquisition.

Digital HR Transformation

To accomplish this task with efficiency, human resource departments of the organization are now turning to artificial intelligence for the job. HR professionals all around the world are relying on AI to improve the talent acquisition process and ease one of the toughest parts of the process thanks to the new technologies that are powered on the training of quality data.

Statistics suggest that as many as 52 percents of the HR professionals say that one of the toughest parts of talent acquisition lies in identifying the right candidates from a pool of a large number of candidates. In the same survey, 56 percent of the talent acquisition leaders say that their hiring volume might increase this year, while another 66 percent say that either their teams will stay the same or contract.

In other words, the leaders in talent acquisition will have to so a lot more with the available resources to them. Thus, artificial intelligence seems like the only intuitive way to take things forward in this direction. 

AI has already proven its metal in talent acquisition with organizations like Hilton using it to evaluate candidate reviews. As a result, the rate of hiring for the organization has been improved as much as 40 percent and at the same time, the time to fill a position has been decreased by 90 percent.

But even the organizations that are interested in implementing AI for recruitment don’t know where to start. And that’s why we’ve gone ahead and collected the top ways that you can use artificial intelligence for talent acquisition in your organization. 

Let’s take a look:

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Screening Platform

One of the best things that AI can be put to use in talent acquisition is screening the candidates. HR departments receive a large number of applications every time an opening is let out. Also known as AI-driven assessments, these are nothing but pre-hire assessments that can help HRs find the most potent candidates from a large pool. 

Put differently, AI can leverage the existing database to learn which candidates move onto becoming more successful based on many factors, including their experience, performance, tenure, etc. This can help automate the recruitment process to a great extent.

Smart Chatbots 

Another way that artificial intelligence can aid talent acquisition is through recruiter chatbots. 58 percent of the candidates say their perception of a company turned negative because they didn’t hear back from them after applying. 

With chatbots assisting applicants in real-time, not only can the image of the organization be improved, but more clarity can be attained concerned with the recruiting process.

Social Screening

Apart from resumes, there are other platforms as well that can help an organization find the right candidate for a job application. AI-based tools can scan social media applications and platforms to surface passive candidates that fit perfectly into the job description.

Predicting Job Market

Gettig relevant predictions in the market for various job positions can be of great advantage to organizations. It can give them direct insights into the available pool of talent in the market for different needs. 

For example, AI can help predict candidates with certain job types, experience levels, or locations, bringing in more relevancy to hiring.

Digital Interviews

While interviewing someone can be one of the most time taking tasks of a business, the intervention of artificial intelligence can actually ease this process. AI software can analyze a lot of parameters of a candidate that are often overlooked by humans. Some of these include speech patterns of the candidate, choice of words, facial expressions, etc. 

Make Onboarding Process Easier

AI can help you in providing new hires with the information they need to make their early days easier.

An AI system can provide new employees a resource to turn to whenever they have queries like health insurance policy, leave policy, or where the conference room is. It’s like a one-stop for the kind of information every new hire will require.

Identify Authentic Candidates

Many now use ChatGPT and other writing tools to generate their resume, their email templates and use AI for other tasks as well. That makes harder the recruitment process and harder to make right decisions with relevant tasks. Whenever you feel like the candidate may look like too ideal, you can run any text that you receive with ai text detector to make sure that the candidate actually put enough time to put their own thoughts. This will bring the authenticity to a new level, or I should probably say, to the same level as before.


Artificial intelligence can be one of the greatest assets when it comes to discovering the right candidate and managing a relationship with them. In other words, on the one hand, AI is helping recruit the finest of all talents for a particular position, along with managing the image of an organization in the best possible way.

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