Work From Home Tips for Working Parents

6 Excellent Work From Home Tips for Working Parents

More and more companies are allowing or requiring remote work, while schools, institutions, and daycare closings and “social distancing” restrictions mean that families are suddenly spending a whole lot more time at home together.

But if you’re a working mother or father, balancing the demands of work and home life can sometimes send your stress levels through the roof.

You don’t have access to the camps, babysitters, and daycares. You already have a full-time job watching the kids, so how can you fit in any more work?

Don’t panic! 

Here are some work-life balance tips you may find useful…

1. Stick To A Schedule

It’s very important to stick to a proper schedule when you’re working from home and you have your kids also present there. Try to create a schedule chart for you and your kids too and make sure that your kids understand that they have to follow this schedule rigidly when they are at home. 

Try to include time for breakfast, lunch, study, and playing. This will help you in managing your meeting and task schedule accordingly. 

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2. Rotating Shifts With Your Partner

If both you and your spouse are working from home, rotating shifts with your partner can make your life easier. 

You can wake up early in the morning and can finish much of your work while your partner can help wake up kids, get them ready, help them with their daily activities, and make breakfast. 

Afterward, you can take charge of your kids and can handle their lunch and afternoon nap while your partner can go about their work. 

Rotating shifts will not only help you get your office work done but also will make at least one parent available to the kids throughout the day.  

3. Communicate More With Your Co-workers

If you’re juggling your video conference and your kid screaming and find it just impossible to manage both at the same time, then, believe me, it’s not your schedule or place of work that’s the problem, the loophole is in your communication. 

Communication plays a critical role when you’re working remotely. Make yourself open to sharing your availability for video meetings and tell your colleagues that you have kids at home. 

It’s fine to say ‘Hey folks, I have my kid in my room, will be back in 5 mins”’ 

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4. Take Breaks

It is natural to feel exhausted with work when you’re working remotely. 

Taking regular breaks will not only reboot your mind and help you get relaxed but also increase your productivity. 

Drop a message to your boss that you’ll be on a small break and enjoy a 5 to 10-minute detox mode. 

The most important and critical items on your schedule can be tasks that seem extremely trivial but are absolutely crucial and easy to forget, such as regular snack time for your kids. These small breaks will also give you some time with your kids.

5. Assign Activity Of The Day

When you’re working from home, it is not only important for you to make a routine and stick to it, but also ensure that your kids are following a proper time-table. 

This can be an easy task if you start assigning an everyday to-do list to your kids. Make them learn a language or a tune or paint their favorite drawing. You can also assign them some daily chores like folding clothes or cleaning their room. This will not only keep them engaged but also teach them to be organized. 

6. Be Flexible With Time

You don’t need to follow business hours for every work of yours. If some work can be done later after your kids go to bed, then you can align that task for that duration. 

You can make use of the time while your kids are napping and can finish your task. Be easy on yourself and accommodate flexibility. If your kid needs you at the time you’re working, it’s completely okay to keep your laptop aside and spend some time with them. You can align this task according to your availability. 

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